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Air Force COOLer Training Program.

PM-ProLearn knows it can be challenging for Airmen to use AF COOL funding to obtain your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification due to the restrictive policies they have in place: 

  1. Are you worried about AF COOL asking you to pay them back if you don't pass your PMP exam?

  2. Are you frustrated that you can't use AF COOL Funding for PMP training unless you're already approved by PMI to take the exam?

  3. Are you a TSgt or below who AF COOL won't fund for the PMP Exam due to your rank?

No worries...We've made AF COOL much COOLER by using a unique and exclusive approach that solves all of these problems!

Our AF COOLer Training Program will:


  1. Remove the risk of reimbursement for a failed exam

  2. Get you qualified for PMP training and exam fee up front

  3. Provide a free upgrade from the CAPM to the PMP certification regardless of rank

To find out how our AF COOLer training program works, just submit the form here and one of our Client Advisors will contact you within one business day to give you the details and answer your questions

*Note: AF COOL will not accept submissions more than 60 days before day one of instruction, and we require payment 2 weeks in advance of the course, meaning students would need to submit their invoice and funding request to AF COOL between 45 to 60 days prior to the course.

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AF COOLer Info Request

Thank you! You will receive your invoice from our team within the next 24 hours. If you do not receive your invoice within 24 hours, please check your spam folder.
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