All PM-ProLearners in our PMP Boot Camps and Self-Paced Training get access to our Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS)


Professional Learning Management System (LMS)

All content is organized into 16 modules, with progress and quiz grade tracking. See your To Do list, student status,& announcements

on your dashboard. Interact with instructors & other students in the forums. Challenge yourself to reach the next level with gamification




Downloadable Presentation Slides

Download the same presentation slides you see your instructor using in class as a PDF file. Mark them up, take notes on them,

& make them your own personalized study tool. Print them out or just bring your laptop to class with the files ready to follow along





Instructional Videos

Recorded sessions from our live classes covering the entire PMBOK. Review them as many times as you want. Watch them on

your laptop or download our free mobile app to watch them on your mobile device. Listen to the audio tracks at the gym or in the car




Flash Quizzes & Application Quizzes

Test your foundational knowledge with flash quizzes, and your ability to apply that knowledge to practice PMP questions with application quizzes and

the final 200-question, 4-hour PMP practice test. Develop proper pacing with quiz timers set at 72 seconds average per question. Enjoy unlimited attempts 





Interactive Exercises

Target different learning triggers in your brain with interactive exercises leveraging technology. Interactive learning sharpens

critical thinking skills, which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning required to correctly answer PMP questions 




PM-ProFlow Process & Earned Value Management Formula Maps

Bring it all together with our ground-breaking knowledge maps. Easily understand the process data flow of key Inputs & Outputs

across all 5 Process Groups, 10 Knowledge Areas, & 49 Processes. Quickly learn all EVM formulas, & our 5-step solution method




PM-ProLearn 21-Day Study Plan

Turn the daunting task of PMP study into a structured & targeted step-by-step process with PM-ProLearn as your guide.

This plan takes you through our proven method of weaving compartmentalized study into a holistic, expert understanding of the PMBOK




Free Mobile App

Access all of the above tools on your mobile device 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Just download the free Matrix LMS app, enter portal name "pm-prolearn", and log in with your LMS username & password