Michael Swartzfager, PMP, USA

“The staff and instructors at PM-ProLearn have gone above and beyond in their support during my preparation to take the PMP exam. Being able to take the class, study and process the info, and then take the class again led to me feeling confident and prepared when going in to sit for the exam. The instructors all being veterans made a huge difference in how I absorbed the information. They were able to relate concepts to or military duties, making it very easy to digest and retain the information. Most importantly, I didn’t feel like I was just “training to the test”, I was learning how to actually use the Project Management skills being taught. This is a fantastic program that anyone benefit from, especially if you are a current service member or veteran.”



Royal Bradley, PMP, USA

“PM-ProLearn did an awesome job not only with the boot camp, but with all the material they had available to study in preparing for my PMP exam. Perhaps the best part was the model leadership displayed by the trainers, their quick response time, and overall support as you prepare for the test. I highly recommend PM-ProLearn as the best professionals to partner with on your path to PM certification.”


Thomas Moore, PMP, USAF

“PM-ProLearn’s PMP Exam Prep Course was highly instrumental in me passing the exam on the first try and achieving my PMP certification. Sitting through the course the first time, made me feel so overwhelmed. Being able to take some time to study the material and then sit through a free refresher with Devin Clinevell just two weeks before my exam was huge. The material covered definitely made more sense the second time around. In addition, knowing I could take a retest for free if I failed the test took some pressure off as well. PM-ProLearn definitely paid a huge part in me obtaining my PMI Certification and I am forever grateful. Definitely highly recommend PM-Prolearn to anyone wanting to achieve their PMI Certification. Thanks again.”


Antwan Brown, PMP, USA

“PM-ProLearn prepared me for the Project Management Professional exam and assisted me in achieving one of my many professional goals. In addition to earning my credentials, I had the opportunity to network and hear from other great project managers. I am truly thankful to the staff and my instructor, Ryan King, for being so professional and on-point!”


Deasún Ó Conchúir, PMP, PMI-ACP

“Doing the course first, then having unlimited support while studying is far more effective than cramming and doing the exam immediately after the course. The unlimited opportunity to repeat, the live support from the trainer network and even the cost of redoing the exam (if needed) is a recipe for success.”


Ken Killingsworth, PMP, USA

“Want to thank the entire PM-ProLearn team for enabling me to navigate the PMP certification process. A special thank you to Steve Bane for the mentorship and phone conversations as I attempted to determine if this was a military transition path I would travel. I’m also grateful for my PMP boot camp Coach Kimberly Casperson. Her expertise and support were instrumental during this process. It is a privilege being part of such a fantastic and supportive community.”


Donald Davison, PMP, USAF

“PM-ProLearn’s PMP Exam Prep Course was instrumental in me passing the exam on the first try and achieving my PMP certification. The course was a one-stop shop for earning the 35 PDUs, application assistance, and test prep. It is also nice to know that they have your back if unsuccessful on the first exam attempt. I have and will continue to recommend PM-ProLearn’s courses to those looking to achieve a PMI Certification.”


Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson, PMP, USA

“PM-Prolearn’s Project Management Professional (PMP) “Boot Camp” is an excellent program to get yourself on the right track towards your PMP certification. Our instructor, Jamie, was extremely knowledgeable and kept the class engaged despite challenges posed by virtual classes. At the conclusion of the 35 hours of training, I felt prepared to tackle PMI’s comprehensive application. With the aid of PM-Prolearn’s handy application tool and outstanding feedback from my instructor, my initial submission was accepted by PMI. The online quizzes, practice exams, and test materials helped ensure I was ready to schedule the exam, and while difficult, I managed to pass the exam on my first attempt! Overall, my experience with PM-Prolearn was outstanding and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their professional certifications.”


Sean Kazmierski

Sean Kazmierski, PMP, USA

“When I started this endeavor, I was unsure of what to do or where to start then I found PM-Prolearn. They walked me through each step of the process and made it easy to understand. The Project Management Training course was precisely what I need to get the information I needed to prepare for the PMI exam. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and were able to answer every question that we threw at them. They made themselves available throughout my entire journey and offered sound advice. All the PM-Prolearn team wants to ensure is your success. Their guidance and mentorship resulted in scoring above average in all three areas of the exam. Thank you, PM-Prolearn.


Mark Kennedy, PMP, USAF

“PM-ProLearn was highly recommended to me by co-workers who had used their PMP training system with great success. I was able to score Above Target in all three domains on the PMP certification exam thanks to PM-ProLearn’s great resources and staff. PM-ProLearn’s live training course provided the foundation I needed as I began to fully understand and master PMP concepts. The PMI application review and refinement provided by PM-ProLearn staff was a critical step in my pursuit of the PMP certification. PM-ProLearn’s online resources, including lesson videos and practice questions, were instrumental in preparing me to tackle the PMP certification exam with confidence.


David Dixon

David Dixon, PMP, USA

“I do have to say that when I started this adventure, I was a little unsure as to what I was getting myself into. I was truly unsure as to what Project Management was or even did, but since I’ve gone through the boot camp and taken the test. I now realize it was something that I was doing ever day as Warrant Officer. I want to say thank you to the PM Pro-Learn team, everyone in my class, and my instructors that helped to get me here. It has been an awesome adventure. Thank you all!!!


Edwin Rodriguez

Edwin Rodriguez, PMP, USMC

“The PM-ProLearn experience was exactly what I needed to help me build the knowledge and confidence to not only prepare for the exam but also successfully pass. Their educational approach utilized a multitude of tools to establish understanding of the material combining pre-coursework, instruction, course participation and feedback, and quizzes and practice exams to assess understanding. Most importantly, the team genuinely cares about your success, making themselves available throughout your certification journey. Their mentorship was a key part in my personal success and scoring above average on all three parts of the exam. Thank you PM-ProLearn!


Adam Wright

Adam Wright, PMP, USAF

I knew I wanted to use my military experience to become a certified project manager, but I didn’t know where to start. The professionals at PM-ProLearn showed me everything I needed to know from drafting my application to preparing for the exam. Their extensive knowledge and experience helped me pass the PMP Exam on the first try with “Above Target” in all categories! Phenomenal team!


Bill Grimes, PMP, USMC

As an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, I was concerned about deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up and retired from the Marine Corps. Only thing I knew for sure is that I was a problem solver.  So I set my sights on achieving my PMP certification. Honestly, I chose PM-Prolearn simply because of you sir. If Tim Dalhouse is involved, that must be an organization worth working with to achieve my goals.  

Well yesterday I did just that. I passed the PMP exam scoring above target in all three domains.  I'm not going to say it was easy or that a person can't over prepare, because it seemed like four hours of stump the chump.  What I can say with confidence is that Jamie Jett taught my initial course and later Stacy King lead me through the Exam Cram, both being gifted educators and giving their time selflessly to meeting the needs of their students.  This level of "give a shit" can't be bought and only comes from high caliber people.  There are many options when seeking assistance with the PMP certification, but PM-Prolearn is the clear choice when failure is not an option. 


Francisco Renfroe


“I was very impressed with PM-ProLearn. They really helped me prepare for the exam. The course along with the materials, quizzes, and test helped understand the whole aspect of Project Management. It was less than two months between my boot camp class and taking the PMP exam. Thank you.”


Kevin Elzie


“PM-ProLearn is incredible at training people to pass their PMP certification. While I had 3 years of experience leading various projects, my office never had a template or a process to effectively lead these projects. So, all the PMP terminology was a foreign language to me. But, when I signed up for the class, I vowed to myself that I would take the exam before I lost the knowledge. I was very impressed with PM-ProLearns process from beginning to end:

1. A week before the class started, they sent me an email with a few hours of pre-training, so I would be familiar with the terminology and the basics of the class.

2. Then I took the week-long training virtually.  During this class, the PMP Whisperer, Stacy King, kept us engaged while allowing us ample opportunity to participate through quizzes, group projects, and questions.

3. At the end of the class, I was given a ton of study materials and practice quizzes, so I could continue learning and practice at my own pace.

4. They also provided a template and reviewed my PMP application before I submitted it to PMI.

5. The weekend before the exam, I had a one-on-one virtual session with Stacy King for about 90 minutes to train me how to think for the exam and to ensure that I had the required knowledge.

I started the class on March 15th and then earned my PMP certification less then 2 months later, on May 12th. I highly recommend this course for anyone seriously looking to earn their PMP certification.  If you study and follow the plan that PM-ProLearn has lined up for you, you will not be disappointed.”


Andrew Flaherty


“I cannot thank PM-ProLearn enough for all their support and assistance! The coaches, staff, and leadership all truly want to see you succeed, and their work ethic and availability for all students proves that point. Devin Clinevell and Kimberly Casperson provided a wonderful learning experience, which truly set me up for success leading through my studies and passing the exam. Thank you!”


Steven Pyles


“PM-ProLearn prepared me for the PMP exam and helped me achieve a goal that has been in my sights for a long time. Not only did I earn my PMP credential, I had the opportunity to learn so much about what project management professionals go through on An everyday basis and the tools they need to be successful. I am already applying most of the material I learned in the course. I truly thank the staff, this program, and my instructor, Devin Clinevell, for all they provided to make this dream come true.”


Judy Haub


“PM-ProLearn has changed my life for the better! I was unemployed and wanted to invest in myself and to finally get my PMP certification. It was always a dream of mine to get this certification and PM-ProLearn was the best place to make this dream come true. Everyone was so helpful and so impressive with the course material. PM-ProLearn has so many tips and tools to make passing easier than I could have imagined, like “Ask the Pros”. I learned so much and could not have passed without all the help and guidance from everyone at PM-ProLearn. It was the best decision I could have ever made and am so happy to be PMP certified!”


Daneil Mackney


"You learn a lot of things over the years. In project management, you learn something with every new project. You determine the good, the bad, what works, what doesn’t and bring it all together into a final product for the client/customer. One of the things you learn is that you always need to continue your training and education. Some of that comes from course work but some also comes from the experiences of others.

PM-ProLearn’s course work brings both methods together quite nicely. First you have an excellent instructor with their experience and education. My instructor was Stacy King, who guided and informed our class expertly. My classmates brought forth their knowledge and backgrounds with questions and comments. Some I was thinking of and others I had not, but those just added to the learning environment.

The pacing of the material was steady. It covers quite a bit of ground in a week. For me, the best preparation came in learning terminology I was unfamiliar with. I have worked in my professional world for 40 years and learned the lingo and buzz terms of that environment. Now to obtain a Globally recognized Certification, I had to relate my education and experience to common terms.

A significant part of the class was doing various exercises and quizzes, and these were spot on with the phrasing and verbiage I saw in the actual exam. Overall, PM-ProLearn prepared me well."


Michelle Schopp


“Choosing PM-ProLearn as my mode of preparation for the PMP exam was the best decision I could have made. The certification package they offered made the process so much more streamlined than if I had tried to manage each component on my own. The instructors truly are subject matter experts. Stacy King did a fantastic job of putting things into perspective and providing tips and tricks to help master the material. The study plan provided at the end of the course helped me put together a manageable and effective schedule which ultimately contributed to my success. I am so glad for the PM-ProLearn recommendation!”


Dan Diotalevi


“Without the team at PM-ProLearn there is a 200% chance that I would not be writing this testimonial! The prep course is geared to support all learning levels, including mine, and really set the stage for my preparation. Their recommendations on how to study combined with their study materials provided me the leg-up for pushing me over the final hurdle in passing my exam. Thank you to the PM-ProLearn Team for helping me get this done, and a special set of thank yous to Michael Burgos, Kimberly Casperson, Jamie Jett, Alicia Dalhouse, Rebecca Coon and Amanda Faith – you are all amazing.”


Cameron Kopec


“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the PM-ProLearn team for helping me achieve my PMP Certification. Their entire organization from top to bottom is excellent. Mike Burgos is a phenomenal instructor and provided us tools to be successful on the exam, but also made sure he (and the rest of the team) was always available to answer questions and help guide us. It truly made the difference! Having access to course content for up to a years’ time with the ability to re-attend exam prep courses is a benefit that you will not get anywhere else as well. Thank you PM-ProLearn team…I will continually recommend you to others!”


Daimie Mabrey


“I attended a different PMP course before PM-ProLearn and can attest that THIS is the team you need in your corner when pursuing your PMP! All presented and provided course material is relevant to the 2021 PMP exam. Not only did the instructors have a solid understanding of the new exam, but the coursework supported the updated test points and was always available for post-course study.”


Jacob Nickell


“Working with PM-ProLearn to help earn my PMP certification was a home run! The exam prep course laid a good foundation with an excellent and knowledgeable instructor with real world PM-Experience! Every staff member I talked to was very nice and helpful too! The post class study materials, quizzes and pretest were a great help and made me feel prepared and confident going into my exam. I scored above target in all areas, and I owe a BIG thanks to PM-ProLearn for that!”



“I am so happy I chose to take PM-Prolearn’s PMP Prep Course! I went into the course and my individual exam prep with the goal of putting structure to the project management I had been doing in the military. This course and the post-course guidance taught me exactly that. Having done well on the exam after taking this course, I have a renewed confidence in taking on new projects both in and out of the military.  Thank you, PM-Prolearn!”


Chad Moniz


“PM-ProLearn is the best laid out program I have seen in my search and was the perfect choice. The PM-ProLearn Curriculum, Quizzes, Videos, and Instructor Staff help desk were out of this world. With the awesome instructor Devin during class and on the support desk along with the awesome support of Jamie on Videos and support desk, I was more than prepared for the PMI-PMP Exam in just one month. I highly recommend their program because they too are always adjusting to keep up with the exam, are awesome, and are dedicated to your success (even in their off hours). Thank you Tim, you have an amazing team and program.”


Tim Choate


“I was very fortunate to have been recommended to PM-ProLearn for completing my 35 PDUs. PM-ProLearn provided me with all the education and tools I needed to pass the PMP exam, on my first attempt! The greatest asset they have is their people. PM-Pro-Learn is truly made up of experts who are very passionate in helping you be successful on the PMP exam. For any future Project Management Certs I may want to pursue, I could not imagine using anyone else!”


Nicholas Stauffer


“I took the PM-Prolearn boot camp over a year ago. They were the best priced organization, bootcamp includes an exam voucher with retake, and came all the way out to Korea. PM-Prolearn has retired military members, who really helped me with the translation between business and military language. They understood the changes to the test and their practice exam is very relative to the exam. I scored Above Target, thank you PM-Prolearn!”


Jesse McAlister


“I found this coursework to be extremely beneficial and easy to apply to military work life. I have already raved about this awesome company (PM-ProLearn) to all my colleagues, and it is going be great when they take it. I want to give a huge shout out to Instructor Mr. Alvin Keen. He had great energy and was easy to listen to and interact with. Lastly, thanks to a highly motivated admin team that assisted me in every step to get this exam done.”


Gilberto Sepulveda


“PM-ProLearn’s PMP Exam Prep Course was phenomenal.  The boot camp was not only instrumental in helping me pass the exam and achieve my PMP certification, but the instructor brought years of actual corporate experience that helped take the book knowledge and expand on it in a way that I could visualize.  The resources available to all students via their websites were also amazing.  It seemed like they always had a resource available that could answer and explain any question that I had. Overall, just a great experience that helped me earn one of the hardest certifications in the world.  I have already recommended PM-ProLearn’s courses to one of my coworkers and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking to achieve a PMI Certification.”


John Gervais


“PM-ProLearn completely prepared me to take my PMP exam.  The instructors were there for you every step of the way.  With the program’s classes, quizzes, and practice exams, I walked into the testing center confident that I would pass.  If you are preparing to take the PMP exam, PM-ProLearn is the way to go!”


Darius Cooper


“Thanks, PM-ProLearn! Your online platform and knowledgeable instructors helped me to finally pass the PMP by teaching me the tools needed to dissect the questions, eliminate wrong choices, and select the “most right” answer that conveys the project manager as competent. Having the virtual bootcamp with the ability to re-attend as many times as needed was a welcome change from previous bootcamps with other vendors. The online curriculum and content, application assistance, and the instructor’s feedback prepared me to score above target in all areas. I will definitely recommend this organization to my colleagues.”


Ramon Baca


“The PM-ProLearn curriculum, instructors, staff, and resources were invaluable to my quest of achieving the PMP Certification. In just 2 months from attending the “boot camp” class, PM-ProLearn set me on the right path with relevant study material and guidance. I highly recommend this program!”


Jason Glockner


“PM-ProLearn was a fantastic experience for me. Over the course of almost 1 year, I attended 2 boot camps, and engaged with several members via e-mail as I progressed to get my PMP Certification. The entire staff was always helpful and there to help with any questions or concerns. I have recommended PM-ProLearn to others in my office that are looking to get their PMP Certification.”


Alejandro Contreras


“PM-ProLearn has done an outstanding job of preparing me for the PMP exam. They exceeded my expectations and provided me with everything I needed in order to be successful and pass my PMP exam on my first try. The course instructor was extremely knowledgeable, the resources available are effective, and the overall program is amazing! I would recommend PM-ProLearn to anyone that is interested in becoming a Project Management Professional.”



“The SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager course taught by Mike Burgos was fantastic. I took the course to get a better feel for SAFe after hearing so much about it. I was definitely not familiar with the SAFe concepts before coming into the course, but Mike taught me everything I needed to know in an easy-to-understand way. I walked out of the 2-day class feeling confident that I could pass the exam, which I did very soon after the course. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Agile in a scaled enterprise situation! Thanks again Mike!”


Donald Davison


“PM-ProLearn’s PMP Exam Prep Course was instrumental in me passing the exam on the first try and achieving my PMP certification. The course was a one-stop shop for earning the 35 PDUs, application assistance, and test prep. It is also nice to know that they have your back if unsuccessful on the first exam attempt. I have and will continue to recommend PM-ProLearn’s courses to those looking to achieve a PMI Certification.”


Jennifer Havenner


“PM-ProLearn is second to none with their PMP training options. The staff is top-notch, and the instructors deliver a curriculum that is not only robust but engaging. I took full advantage of the opportunities that PM-ProLearn offered. On testing day, I was well prepared and confident. I truly appreciate all of the support!”


Bryan Bell


“PM-ProLearn's PMP Exam Cram was an essential building block for me. Coupled with one-on-one coaching describes my successful roadmap to attaining my PMP certification. Also, I liked that the instructors are veterans; this enables them to translate the PMP language to a veteran for faster learning and mastery. I highly recommend PM-ProLearn, absolute professionals that will go above and beyond to help you attain your goal of a PMP Certification.”


Julianna Evans


“Thank you PM-ProLearn! I would not have been able to attain my PMP certification if it wasn’t for the help and guidance from the PM-ProLearn instructors and staff! I found every member of this company to be knowledgeable, helpful and very responsive to any questions I had throughout the process. I highly recommend PM-ProLearn if you’re trying to accomplish your PMP certification!”


Cory Fox


“Thanks, PM-ProLearn for the great instructors and all of the after-class practice tests and activities that made the process of getting my PMP certification easy. When I first started the process, it was very overwhelming. However, it didn't take long for the PM-ProLearn team to break it down into manageable steps and made getting certified achievable.”


Matthew Tobin


"PM-ProLearn delivered a world-class three-day prep for the PMI-ACP exam. The course was not designed for you to simply pass a test, but to truly understand how to become Agile. Ian fostered an incredible learning environment ripe with colorful and personal anecdotes to solidify the knowledge transfer. Pairing their classroom instruction, their videos, practice tests, and exams I felt I was extremely prepared to pass the arduous three-hour PMI-ACP exam."


Paul Rivera


“What an experience! I'm truly grateful for the amazing support that PM-ProLearn provides. PM-ProLearn is an organization that is focused on the YOUR SUCCESS! As an agile organization, they provide top notch instruction, resources, bi-weekly live instructor help sessions, and supportive community.”


Lawrence Lin


“PM-ProLearn made it extremely simple to obtain my PMP. The live virtual class, post study videos, PowerPoint slides, and quizzes were invaluable to my success. Not only were the training materials solid but the staff was also responsive and supportive throughout the whole process (even on weekends). I highly recommend PM-ProLearn if you are seeking your PMP certification.”


John Sproul


"I am incredibly impressed with the caliber of instruction from PM-ProLearn. The instructors are extremely intelligent and interpersonal with the ability to transfer knowledge into application whether you are in a military organization or civilian business. They are enthusiastic with their instruction and push you to ask for help after classroom instruction to ensure you understand all information. I highly recommend this organization to anyone to facilitate your journey to becoming PMP or PMI-ACP certified."


Chane Bradshaw


“I loved the security of knowing PM-Prolearn had my back when it came to testing. The best part was 12 months of course material access. I used every day of it to help me pass on my first attempt. Thank you, PM-Prolearn! I'll be back for Agile.”


Andrew Paulmeno


“PM-ProLearn did an amazing job of teaching my organization and preparing us for the exam. Their online module is worth a million-dollars. I took the exam one year after going through training - the quality of the in- person instruction, the video lectures, and the knowledge checks makes it almost impossible to fail. I highly recommend you go with the team at PM-ProLearn if you want to teach these formal skills to build up your organization.”


Rogelio Vargas, Jr.


"I received the 35 hour course training in a large group with my co-workers on the week of 27-31 January 2020. The course was fast paced for me, but I had already taken the PMP test twice and had some general understanding of Project Management. What really helped me after the course were all the tools I received from the PM-ProLearn. The PowerPoint slides and other memorization tools helped me understand the flow of processes, studying in a self-paced mode. The PM-ProLearn staff was so helpful in also providing tutoring and training to help me privately. The online site was another key tool that helped me to conduct practice tests and identify my weak points. I recommend this program for both the content but more for the support of the training staff."


Jonathan Castoire


“PM-ProLearn’s PMP course and supplemental training content is an excellent resource for anyone who’s ready to invest the time and earn their PMP certification!”


Jose Burr


“There is no excuse for not trying” ~ Barack Obama
"After attending the PM-ProLearn bootcamp (twice) I decided to utilize my time studying/preparing myself rather than worrying/doubting myself. Now, here I stand PMP certified! I want to show my appreciation to the PM-ProLearn family and CMSgt (Ret.) Tim Litherland, thank you sir for your instruction(s) and believing in me! It wasn’t easy…it wasn’t meant to be…which makes a win taste all the sweeter."


Alvin Keen

Alvin Keen, PMI-ACP, USA

"I utilized the PM-ProLearn course material to prepare me for the PMI-ACP exam. This course was lead by Mr. Ian Fisher and Mr. Mike Burgos and their experience in Agile and their extensive instructional experience was very instrumental to ensure that the course materials were explained clearly and succinctly as to the important concepts and their relationships with Agile. Equally, I found the extensive quizzes represented various types of questions were fairly represented for the ACP exam; in preparing me to apply Agile concepts to situational based questions. Mr. Mike Burgos was very helpful in working with me on my ACP application."


Michael Hoal

Michael Hoal, SSM, USA

"I really enjoyed the SAFe Scrum Master Course taught by Mike Burgos at PM-ProLearn. I had served as Scrum Master in a traditional agile environment previously, but coming into the course was not familiar with the differences in agile & scaled agile framework. Mike was able to articulate the differences and provide business use cases of the framework as it applies not only to small teams but to enterprise-level as well. The course uses Scaled Agile Curriculum combined with relevant practical exercises to help drive home the key material that can be easily understood and applied, and I highly recommend this course to anyone that operates on an agile team! Thanks again Mike, and I look forward to your SAFe Product Owner class later this month!"


Angela Neal

Angela Neal, PMP

"The study material from PM-ProLearn was very thorough and gave me the confidence needed to pass the exam. Bonus was having the opportunity to listen to the lectures while driving or working out. It was nice having the flexibility to have the information when I needed it. I bought some supplementary items simply because I am a terrible test taker. I returned most items I bought and stuck with the PM-ProLearn program. Thank you all for your help! I’m happy to have PMP after my name now."


Nicole Singer

Nicole Singer, PMP, USAF

“I have been blown away. I have attended very high-level, highly-rated courses in the past, and have never received dedication, commitment, and detail of instruction and feedback I’ve received in the past 2 ½ weeks. I am so grateful for PM-ProLearn as a company, and even more grateful for the dedication of its employees. I found nothing but caring and commitment from everyone. The help and kindness from my Instructor Michael Burgos these past weeks has been far beyond what would have been reasonably expected. I am so appreciative.

I have had alot I did not understand well, so I’ve been sending Michael dozens of emails with questions on material, quizzes, the exam, etc. He has not only addressed every single email and question, but did so nearly immediately, at the expense of time with his family in the evenings and on weekends. I feel like I owe his wife and kids a thank you too!”


Morgan NcCleve

Morgan McCleve, PMP, USN

"I took PM-ProLearn's PMP prep course in December 2018 but immediately after, I found I was unable to devote the study time required. But two years later, I was able to circle back around and pass the exam thanks to their extensive online library of study materials, comprehensive study plans and recorded lectures. Highly recommend PM-ProLearn to my military peers if you are looking to translate your military experience into the valuable PMP credential."


Kirby Ewing

Kirby Ewing, PMP

“I recently achieved my PMP Certification in December of 2020. I was actually scheduled to take the test in March of last year, but COVID put things on hold, as it has for many. I was able to utilize the material from my PM-ProLearn class earlier that year, and intensely studied for 4 months. The material and the class enabled me to pass on the first try. It was a humbling and rewarding experience. I am very appreciative for the materials and guidance.”


Matt Marston

Matt Marston, PMP, USA

“You can read the PMBOK all day, but there’s no substitute for hearing the concepts explained in plain English. PM-ProLearn’s course material does just that and I found their practice questions to be excellent preparation (i.e. more challenging) than any of the questions on the actual exam. I give them considerable credit for my 4/5 above targets on exam day."



Joe "Jose" Rodriguez, PMP, USAF

"I found the PM-ProLearn course to be invaluable in helping me understand and master the PM Process Management Process Groups and ultimately help me meet my goal of passing the PMP exam! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get their credential!"


Joshua Sitter

Joshua Sitter, PMP


“Before engaging with PM-ProLearn, I was uncertain on my ability to pass the PMP exam, even as an experienced project manager. PM-ProLearn provides invaluable instructors, test taking strategies, and endless study material to prepare you for the examination. PM-ProLearn was the cornerstone to my success in obtaining my PMP designation. I would highly recommend PM-ProLearn to any project professional, in any industry, interested in obtaining their PMP designation.”


Alexander Irwin

Alexander Irwin, PMP, USMC

"A special thanks to Stacy King and the PM-ProLearn team of instructors and staff for helping me reach my goal of attaining the PMP certification. The Exam Cram course is an effective 2 day course that introduces test taking techniques. The bootcamp is an in-depth, interactive course that provides multiple study materials that cover key concepts and objectives. There are many study tools that are very beneficial and can greatly increase your knowledge and understanding of project management processes, knowledge areas, and process groups.

The PM-ProLearn staff made it very easy to sign up for courses and were very accommodating to my questions or concerns. They recommended the course that best fit my needs and made sure the experience was well worth the money spent. I highly recommend PM-ProLearn courses to anyone who is looking to obtain their PMP certification."


Ken Tachikawa

Ken Tachikawa, PMP, USN

“I would not have been successful in passing the PMP exam without attending their 5-day course and all of the valuable online resources that they provide.  The real value of PM-ProLearn comes after the completion of the fast-paced 5-day course.  I didn’t gain a full understanding of the material until I studied for the exam using their 21-day plan (I stretched it 50 days due to my work schedule) which encompassed their course slides, supplemental material, video lectures, quizzes, and practice exams.”


John Seitz

John Seitz, PMP, USA

“PM-ProLearn is second to none in preparation for the PMP exam. Tim Dalhouse's instruction was exceptional, and the program online content thoroughly helped in preparing me for the exam. I would highly recommend PM-ProLearn to anyone in the program management field looking to earn their PMP credential.”


Daniel Albarracin

Daniel Albarracin, PMP, USMC

"I want to thank the PM-ProLearn team in helping me reach my goal. If you are on a search for a prep course, look no further. The boot-camp was what I needed and it provided the necessary baseline, simple to follow online courseware, spot-on quizzes/practice exams, and study material techniques that proved to ease the nerves! I was very impressed with the level of customer support from the application process to my final exam date. Highly recommend PM-ProLearn!"


Joseph Cook

Joseph Cook, PMP, USAF


“PM-ProLearn is absolutely amazing. From day one, they were great with communicating how to fund for the course using AFCOOL. Without their help, it would have been a painful process. The course materials are practical and REALLY help when it comes time to test. Their MSOLS is their secret ingredient. If you follow their process and put forth the effort, you will obtain your PMP. Thank you, PM-ProLearn for all your help!”


Logan Hatfield

Logan Hatfield, PMP, USA


“PM-ProLearn's interactive classes, visual and literary resources, and practical exercises gained through the evening webinars were instrumental in my preparation and PMP exam success. PM-ProLearn's staff was responsive, flexible, and supportive throughout the entire process. A mentor referred me to PM-ProLearn, and I look forward to sharing this resource with others to see their success.”


Joseph Delaney

Joseph Delaney, PMP, USMC


“PM-ProLearn provided a comprehensive and professional approach to preparing for the PMP exam, fully integrated with the PMI concepts. From the beginning of class, it was apparent that the PM-ProLearn team was committed to each individuals’ success. From registration, through presentation of the courseware, during studying, and through a successful completion of the exam, PM-ProLearn remained involved and committed to my success. Thank you PM-ProLearn for your support and belief in me throughout this process.”


Gregory Brobst

Gregory Brobst, PMP, USA


“This journey for me began about two years ago. Initially, I thought it was just a "buzz word" but as I began to research it, I quickly set a goal for myself to pass the exam and become a credentialled PMP.  I read the PMBOK, utilized a few less than satisfactory study programs, and on the referral of a friend gave PM-ProLearn a try.  This program gave me the much-needed explanation of the material and how it all relates to the process. Thanks to Tim, Alvin, and the entire PM-ProLearn Team for helping me achieve my goal and pass the exam with confidence.”


Joe Bernardoni

Joe Bernardoni, PMP, USMC


“I believe PM-ProLearn is a company that has set the bar high for others to follow. Their sincere desire to take care of their student is unmatched by other companies. Not only was the one-week course at a pace and presented at a level easily to understand, but the instructor gave me a one-on-one session to clarify anything. This was what brought all the training together.”


Paul Varnadore

Paul Varnadore, PMP, USN


“I highly recommend PM-ProLearn as their program was invaluable as I completed the PMP certification. Stacy King's instruction was on target and highlighted key concepts to master for the exam. The Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) included audio/video files from pre-recorded lectures, classroom presentations, multiple assessment quizzes/exams, and other study material which I could access via the web or iOS apps. Superb program with exceptional support from the entire team!”


Scott Richard

Scott Richard, PMP, USAF


“I could not have passed the PMP without PM-ProLearn! The instructors are outstanding with the way they teach the material so it is easily understood. The after-class follow-up makes it feel personal and you have a coach on your side. The entire process from scheduling classes to getting your application submitted is so smooth with PM-ProLearn, thanks again for everything. I would also like to thank Michael Burgos, Stacy King and Ryan King for all their support. Mr. Burgos is an outstanding asset to your company; he was invaluable with my PMP process.”


Bradley Son

Bradley Son, PMP, USA


“It’s hard to express how appreciative I am of the PM-ProLearn staff and curriculum! Almost 21 months from taking the PM-ProLearn 35-hour basic course, I took the PMP examination and passed on my first try! I used the material that was covered during the course as study material, created a solid brain-dump, and passed the examination.  The curriculum, instruction, application support, and customer service were top-notch, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone! “


Benjamin Jetland

Benjamin Jetland, PMP, USAF


“PM-ProLearn was instrumental in passing my exam. They broke down the material into something I could understand and apply. And they did such a great job of supporting my extended journey towards my test. I will always recommend PM-ProLearn.”


Daniel McNear

Daniel McNear, PMP, USMC


“I want to say a special thank you to The PM-Prolearn team for providing outstanding support during my PMP journey. Ryan King was an excellent instructor, always available for help during the test application and preparation process. The course work was detailed and methodically laid out to support learning the vast amount of information required for the PMP exam.  The material presentation, various learning templates, and “Bullet Points” helped me zero in on important topics and key concepts.  Additionally, the Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) provided 24/7 access to learning material, which was a great way to access and review audio files and coursework. Thanks again to Ryan, Tim, and Josh; achieving my PMP certification was a great way to close out an otherwise dreary 2020.”


Stephen Naylor

Stephen Naylor, PMP


“PM-Prolearn was recommended to me by my brother who completed the course and received his PMP earlier this year. My brother served in the Marines with Mr. Dalhouse, and when I reached out to Mr. Dalhouse with this information, I was extended the military discount typically only offered to immediate family members. I was humbled and grateful by Mr. Dalhouses’ generosity. Ryan King was my instructor, and the guidance he provided with the application process was extremely helpful.  I am so impressed with the entire PM-Prolearn operation, from the in-class instruction, MSOLS repository, 21-day study plan, etc. Top notch organization that I would highly recommend.”


Zachary Zornischenko

Zachary Zornischenko, PMP, USAF


”I’m very pleased with my experience with PM-Prolearn and I recommend to anybody that’s serious about passing the exam first try. While the boot camp was great, the real value is the post boot camp assistance. They helped me get my application squared away in case of an audit and I used all their neatly organized and easily accessible study materials to cram for the test. They truly set themselves above and go the extra mile. To this point, they made special accommodations for me to schedule my test in a very tight timeline. They barely know me, and 10 months had elapsed since boot camp, yet they came through. Simply impeccable.”


Alison Nelson

Alison Nelson, PMP


“I attended a PMP Boot Camp provided by PM-ProLearn in 2019. I also took advantage of the opportunity to sit through a second Boot Camp as a refresher, which really helped me connect more of the PMBOK puzzle pieces together. I cannot say enough about PM-ProLearn’s Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) application. I loved how convenient and functional the app was as I worked to master PM concepts.


From start to finish, you cannot go wrong with the quality training PM-ProLearn provides. Mr. Ian Fisher and Mr. Mike Burgos were excellent instructors and coaches throughout the process and made what I thought was a daunting application process much easier. I highly recommend this remarkable community and resource for PMP aspirants.”


Johnathen Simbeck

Johnathen Simbeck, PMP, USA


“I want to thank PM-ProLearn, their program is phenomenal, and I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to earn their PMP certification!”


Jimena Rivero-Milligan

Jimena Rivero-Milligan, PMP


“I decided to give PM-ProLearn a try and I have to say I do not regret it. This course is just amazing! It covers all aspects you need to have to be ready for the test. The study tools have all you need and if you follow their study program you will not fail. Tim's videos are entertaining and easy to follow. His recommendations are the best and during the exam I could hear his words reminding me of some concepts. Thank you Tim! Make sure you read the answers of each quiz and test question (even if you had a correct answer), I found their feedback very valuable. I am very happy I found PM-ProLearn and Rebecca with her nice and on time answers to all my questions.  I for sure will recommend this course. It has it all!”


Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith, PMP, USAF

“A special thanks to Tim and his exceptional team of instructors and staff at PM-ProLearn for making my goal a reality. Their program is top-notch with proven results time and time again! Their development of the Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) helped me to get on target and excel at retaining the information needed to succeed. Following my Boot Camp experience, I spent a significant amount of time utilizing the PMBOK and MSOLS for my daily reviews. The quizzes and assessments embedded into the MSOLS were on point and by far some of the best developed questions compared to many free or paid online resources.

The counseling staff at PM-ProLearn provided expert insight and assistance in developing my application for PMI. I was successful in a first-time approval from PMI without an audit. The team was always responsive to my questions and gave timely, value-added feedback.”


David Baker

David Baker, PMP, USAF

“Being a student at PM-ProLearn was definitely key to my successful completion of the exam, despite that I wasn't able to sit for the exam until more than a year after completing the course! The information imparted and the focus on what are the important concepts of Project Management, along with the notes and material from the course I was able to study even long after the course was over. Add to that the assistance Ian gave me during and after the course to prepare my application and go through the process, and what would otherwise have been a very daunting task was made very manageable and achievable.


Luzanda Penton

Luzanda Penton, PMP


“I would like to thank PM-ProLearn during my journey to acquire my PMP certification. The mock exams and the formulas were great help during my preparation.”


Mat Elias

Mat Elias, PMP, USMC


"Thanks to the instruction and extensive student resources of PM-ProLearn, I was able to confidently test and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. Tim Dalhouse and his team are well-versed and very responsive to the student needs. Highly recommended, especially with the transition to the new test in 2021."


Levi Imbuzan

Levi Imbuzan, PMP, USMC


“PM-ProLearn was a fantastic program to learn the Project Management material and to ultimately prepare for the exam. Their program took you step-by-step through all the knowledge areas and process groups and provided intuitive and challenging quizzes at the end of each to test your knowledge. Their practice exams were realistically challenging and gave me a very accurate measure of where I stood with having truly comprehended the material. Their help with the application portion of the exam was one of their best resources. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to get their PMP, especially current or active-duty service members as they offer a very generous discount on their program cost.” 


Stuart Christianson

Stuart Christianson, PMP, USA


“Thank you PM-Prolearn and the entire staff for the expert advice, guidance, and above all for mentoring me through to a successful completion of the PMP exam!  I am thrilled with your team of professionals and the time they have taken to curate the training sessions complete with complementary study materials from start to finish.  The entire course was expertly facilitated, an efficient use of time, and conveyed the knowledge needed to guide me toward passing the Project Management Professional Certification!”



Jeremy Rush

Jeremy Rush, PMP, USN


“PM-ProLearn was an outstanding resource to help me achieve the PMP certification. From course enrollment all the way until registering for my exam, the staff was extremely helpful and quick to answer any questions along the way. The courseware and instructional videos are very in-depth and cover every aspect of the PMBOK. There are numerous options for PMP training, but PM-ProLearn is one that truly cares for the success of every student.”


Jeff Gribschaw

Jeff Gribschaw, PMP, USA


“Thanks to the PM-ProLearn team for the great online course and support that helped me prepare for and gain PMP certification. I subscribed to their month-to-month subscription. The video recordings for the class are all from Tim Dalhouse — great instruction (recorded in presentations to a live class). The subscription includes both the videos and audio recordings, quizzes for every knowledge area and two full length practice exams. Tim provided great examples throughout the course to help solidify PMBOK concepts. I’m looking forward to applying this knowledge at Leidos and as I continue to support the Army in my second career!”



Jason Steadman

Jason Steadman, PMP, USMC


“The teaching, detailed outlines, on-line videos, and practice tests provided by PM-PROLEARN was instrumental in helping me prepare for the PMP exam.”


Rob Charles

Rob Charles, PMP, USMC


“When I decided to pursue the Project Management Professional certification, I started with researching several training/bootcamp companies.  At initial glance most companies provide similar training experience, but after contacting several personally and interacting with them, PM-Prolearn seemed to go that extra step and there was zero marketing pressure.  Next was PM-Prolearn's honesty, most companies suggest some type of guarantee of passing the PMI exam with out ever accessing my capabilities, where PM-Prolearn made it clear, it was on my own commitment as much as on their training, no magic class.  Add that to the value compared to the competition, and the quality of the training, you are going to succeed and feel your money was well spent.  The responsiveness of my instructor, Mr. King was top notch.  He stayed connected with me after the course was completed for additional training, and about 2 weeks later when I was struggling with grasping a subject of study, he contacted me and took me through several lab events.  Additionally, as part of the package, PM-Prolearn's gives continued access to all training material and videos, was a major factor in my studying and ultimately passing my exam.”  


Jennifer Sevier

Jennifer Sevier, PMP


“Words cannot describe the feelings I am having at the moment. My journey began a year ago last December, after a defining moment. I signed up for PM-Prolearn and began the process of being a Project Management Professional (PMP).

The boot camp was fast and I could barely keep up with all the terms and processes. I kept trying to compare it to the projects I have worked on and currently work on. It was hard to grasp. 

In January I sat for my first attempt and failed miserably with Needs Improvements (NI) in all four areas. I was not prepared mentally or knowledge wise. This was a minor setback and was not going to bring me down. I immediately rescheduled my exam for March. I took my results and studied based on the task areas of the PMBoK outline.  

True to their word. PM-Prolearn allowed me to take as many boot camps as I needed to pass my exam. I took a total of 4. Last week I took my second attempt, and failed again. How can this be? I now had 5 days to pass before the end of the year and no more chances. I was in it to win it, do or die time!

I changed my study routine and focused on how to answer the questions, 7 days later I am now a certified Project Management Professional. The knowledge I learned from PM-Prolearn was invaluable.”


Maryann Edwards

Maryann Edwards, PMP, USAF


“I want to say a special thank you to the PM-Prolearn team for all of the help and the incredible support provided by their instructors and staff. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful I took my course with PM-Prolearn. From beginning to end they provided top notch professional, and personalized support and outstanding customer service. The instruction provided and the way the material was presented made it easy to digest the large volume of information needed to prepare for the PMP exam.

The team of instructors are an amazing group, and I could not have done as well as I did without the framework they provided. My journey started late last summer, and of course due to many unplanned interruptions, and a global pandemic, I had to postpone preparing for, and taking my exam for several months. PM-Prolearn offered the opportunity to repeat the course and online resources that enhanced my preparation. When I finally got to a place where I could take some time and study using the 21-day study plan as a guide it proved instrumental to my success, like all the tools they provided.


Thanks again PM-Prolearn, and a special thank you to Ian, Tim, and Rebecca. This was the perfect Christmas gift.”


Amia Stec

Amia Stec, PMP, USN


“Thank you PM-ProLearn for the clear path to earning my PMP Certification! The Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) was exactly what I needed for exam preparation. I appreciate the foundational knowledge, the application review, and the responsive customer service I received from PM-ProLearn. There are several PMP learning sites out there on the web, but I’m sure none can offer the quick turn around and personal touch PM-ProLearn offers. If you have military service look no further, this site does an excellent job at translating military jobs into civilian experience. Regardless of your career background (military or civilian), if you immerse yourself in the PM-ProLearn curriculum, you will gain the knowledge you need to become a certified PMP.”


Aaron Bibb

Aaron Bibb, PMP, USA


“Well praise the Lord! I am so grateful for PM-ProLearn, their first-class instructors and training system for equipping me to pass my PMP exam. I really had no idea what I was getting into but wanted to exploit the opportunity to achieve my PMP certification as I neared retirement. I took the 5-day boot camp with Jamie Jett, PMP, PMI-ACP and he helped me the entire way from enrollment to certification. Through numerous emails, Zoom meetings (even a last minute Zoom pep talk about 3 days from exam day), Jamie was there to support me and ensure I was set up for success. A special shout out goes to Stacy Lamar King, PMP, MBA, LSSGB for his help in the final days that put the fine edge on my preparation.

I completed the 5-day boot camp on September 25th and tested on December 10th. It was not an easy road, I studied around 5 days a week for about 11 weeks using a tailored version of the 21-day study plan. The Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) was crucial in preparing me for the exam. The practice exams were right on target and really helped me get a feel for what I was going to face on the real thing. I went into the testing center confident and expecting to pass.

Studying for the PMP exam is like cutting down a tree, you are the one that must swing the ax, nobody can swing it for you. The kind of ax you choose to use is going to make a great deal of difference on how successful you are in cutting down your tree. Using PM-ProLearn is like using the sharpest ax in the shed…you still must swing, but the efficiency and results are second to none!”


Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald, PMP

“I cannot say enough good things about the PM-ProLearn team and the PMP prep exam course.  I had talked about getting my PMP certification for years, but had never followed through with completing all the required steps.  The PM-ProLearn team was excellent throughout the entire process – from the initial prep class, to application submittal review, to additional study guides/support/plans, to follow up one-on-one reviews – the team was great!  A comprehensive study guide and all supporting documents were provided via an online tool – easy to complete my follow up study and review around my work schedule and on my own time to prepare for the PMP exam.  

They provided a step-by-step process and support along the way to ensure confidence and PMP exam readiness.  Great team, Great support and Great overall program!”


Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis, PMP, USA


“The PM-ProLearn Evening Course via Zoom was a good flexible learning experience and it set me up very well with the tools I needed to develop a good study battle rhythm and pass the exam.”


Richard Purcell

Richard Purcell, PMP, USN

"I am an active-duty Sailor stationed in Naples, Italy. A group of roughly 10-15 active-duty members and spouses took the PM-ProLearn class from August 3-7, 2020 with Alvin Keen. Alvin was extremely courteous and knowledgeable as he guided us through the course. He made sure to check in with us frequently to make sure we understood the topics and took adequate breaks when needed.

Primarily for my study plan, I printed out all of the process groups, ITTOs, PM-ProFlow ITTO Framework Map, EVM formulas, network diagramming, organizational theories, and other types of diagrams from the PM-ProLearn slides. I then stapled the 5-8 pages of each process group together to have all 10 process groups easily accessible. From there I used Prepcast primarily along with PMtraining and thoroughly read the answers for each practice question comparing them to the PMBOK and the process groups I had printed out from PM-ProLearn. This made the information in the book more meaningful and enabled me to actually understand the PMBOK.

I highly recommend the course especially if you can gather a group of military members together to take it. I know this will be valuable for my career path and I am proud to be a member for the years to come.”


Siyka Dobreva

Siyka Dobreva, PMP

“I would like to express my gratitude to Tim Dalhouse and the whole PM-ProLearn team who were part of my PMP journey! I learned about PM-ProLearn at the PMP Exam Study Group on LinkedIn Learning. Their COVID-19 Free PMP 30-Day Self-Paced Course was recommended by one of the group members, so I decided to embrace this opportunity and join. The course was constructive and gave me solid knowledge on the PM processes and how they intervene with each other. It is a 30-day course with many practical exercises, in-depth learning of Earned Value Management and Project Network Diagramming, 2 4-hour exams, etc. Tim Dalhouse is not only a knowledgeable trainer but also a supportive mentor and I strongly recommend his courses to anyone striving to pass the PMP exam!”


Jason Leigh

Jason Leigh, PMP, USMC

“I can’t say enough about PM-ProLearn, their wonderful staff, and the curriculum. Even with my busy schedule, I was able to complete the online self-paced course, study, and pass the exam all within 3 months. It wouldn’t have been possible without the comprehensive program offered by Tim Dalhouse and PM-ProLearn.”


Anna Bennett

Anna Bennett, PMP

"Extremely thankful for all the support received from the PM-ProLearn team, particularly Jamie from my Bootcamp class, helping me with the application process and submission (without an audit). Jamie would follow up with me constantly and kept me motivated until the end. Also introduced me to Stacy and he was wonderful and provided great testing tips. Sincerely grateful for them and I feel like I gained two brothers in the process of this long and hard journey! The truth is, there is no secret sauce to passing this PMP exam. You must put forth the effort and many hours of studying and no life. To me, it was about understanding the concepts and how one can apply it in real life. I also invested in a test simulator and it really helped me gain speed when answering the PMP's many tricky questions. Due to all the challenges faced this year, I was able to study over the last 3 months and finally got my PMP certification! Thank you for all your help and for supporting our military lives. I'll never forget!"


Shawna Grandberry

Shawna Grandberry, PMP, USA

"I recently passed my PMP exam!! I'm overjoyed and grateful that God equipped me to get the necessities to succeed. I'm also blessed to have amazing support from the instructors and staff of PM-ProLearn especially Stacy King. He provided excellent training, weekend study sessions, and study material that pushed me to the finish line. He's a true professional that lived up to his name as the "PMP Whisperer" If you're seeking your PMP or ACP, please reach out to PM-ProLearn. They are with a doubt the BEST!! PM-ProLearn Member for LIFE! Happy to be a part the community! Forever grateful!"


Jeff Gribschaw, PMP, USA

"Thanks to the PM-ProLearn team for the great online course and support that helped me prepare for and gain PMP certification. I subscribed to their month-to-month subscription (ended up needing a couple of days more than one month based on when I could schedule my test). The video recordings for the class are all from Tim Dalhouse — great instruction (recorded in presentations to a live class). The subscription includes both the videos and audio recordings, quizzes for every knowledge area and two full length practice exams. Tim provided great examples throughout the course to help solidify PMBOK concepts—I couldn’t stop laughing as he described his trip to the "resort town" of Paris Island."


Buck Bradley

Buck Bradley, PMP, USMC

"My journey took me only eight weeks from start to finish, and PM-ProLearn is a significant reason for that.  I knew PM-ProLearn had a good track record and reputation when I selected them for my PMP test preparation.  I talked to multiple peers who praised the company and did extensive research on competitors before choosing PM-ProLearn, and I am glad I did.   Even before I completed the weeklong training, I was already hearing from other members in my class how much PM-ProLearn was different and better than other providers.  After the class, their support was fantastic with their 21-day study guide, multiple quizzes after each study module, full-length practice tests, and direct access to the instructor after the course was complete.  Every email I sent Mike Burgos took no more than a few hours to get a response, and most were answered within the hour.   Again, I cannot thank PM-ProLearn enough for their assistance and support in helping me pass the PMP exam."


Joshua Clifford

Joshua Clifford, PMP, USAF

"PM-Prolearn one-week course and Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) were a huge help in earning my PMP certification. The one-week course was great for helping me understand the common language of the Project Management world and prepared me for further self-paced online study. It was also perfect for walking me step by step through the application process and translating military experience into Project Management terminology/structure. The MSOLS was important to building on the in-person course allowing me to solidify and prepare myself for the test. Finally, the online practice tests were crucial to identifying my weak areas that required additional studying. I have and will continue to recommend PM-Prolearn to people interested in becoming a PMP, thank you!"


Paul Weme

Paul Weme, PMP, USAF

"Thank you PM-Prolearn. Your extensive library of study materials and access to the easy to use on-lean learning system helped me achieve my goal. The support from your team through the application process made it happen. I can’t thank you enough for the tutorials and templates. This was a massive challenge and you helped simplify things."


R. Jeff Fortner

R. Jeff Fortner, PMP, USAF

"PM-ProLearn has a well developed and well executed approach that will ensure you are successful in both the application and testing process as long as you do the work. The classroom followed by the 21 day (+/- based on your needs) is a significant commitment, but after doing it the actual test was simple and anticlimactic to the point I was embarrassed how much I had worried."


Kyle Cicora

Kyle Cicora, PMP, USA

"PM-ProLearn went above and beyond what I could have imagined in order to ensure I passed the PMP Exam on my first try.  The study tools they provided were phenomenal and if I ever was struggling to understand a certain concept after the bootcamp they took time to meet with me and reteach what I needed prior to testing.  World Class instructors and customer care."


Kémiko Curry

Kemiko Curry, PMP

"Whew! Words cannot express the joy and relief I have after earning my PMP certification. PM-Prolearn helped me not just prepare to pass, but with confidence. I have gained the successful tools needed to be an effective Project Manager."


Babajide Fagbemi

Babajide Fagbemi, PMP, USA

"PM-Prolearn played a critical role in my goal to obtain PMP certification. The 35-hour course was interactive and engaging with Jamie Jett. Mr. Jett was truly helpful in navigating the application process. The Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) provided a structured guide to review the material and reinforce the concepts from the course through all the presentations, quizzes, and practice exams. The 21-day study guide provided an excellent baseline for studying, and I extrapolated it to about 45 days. I strongly recommend PM-Prolearn to guide you towards passing the exam as I did."


Jeffrey Blount

Jeffrey Blount, PMP

"Thanks to PM-ProLearn I went from not really knowing anything about PMI or the PMP to passing my exam in 6 weeks.  The boot camp was focused on what you need to know to pass the exam and the study material and guides provided were just what I needed to keep me on track.  But by far the most impressive aspect is the staff at PM-ProLearn.  They are there for you after the class to answer questions and help you through any areas you may be struggling to understand.  Outstanding curriculum but also outstanding customer service!"


Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson, PMP, USAF

"I am grateful for the self-paced PMP bootcamp content PM-ProLearn makes available free for 30 days. I used this content as the backbone of my final PMP prep, and it absolutely made a difference in my readiness for the exam. Tim's focus on the flow of the processes gave me a logical framework that brought a lot more clarity than trying to memorize hundreds of ITTOs. PM-ProLearn's personal military background and focus is excellent at connecting your military experience to the PMI way of managing projects. I am also very grateful for the video and process to clarify the PMI application process. Prior to the video I was unclear how to lay out my projects for the application. Ian makes the process step-by-step and straightforward. Bottom line, PM-ProLearn made a difference to me, and I have already recommended it to others who I know are pursuing their PMP certifications."


Richard Young

Richard Young, PMP, USA

"PM-ProLearn provided me with first-class instruction and a modern, easy-to-use learning platform to ensure I passed the test the first time. Their instructors worked with me outside of the hours of the bootcamp to deliver supplemental answers to all my PMP questions. Thanks, PM-ProLearn!"


Jeffrey Ball

Jeffrey Ball, PMP, USAF

"Thanks PM-ProLearn! Your program and study resources were key to helping me pass on my first attempt. From helping with my PMI application, to the classroom instruction, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the program. Having access to classroom instruction videos and practice quizzes allowed me to re-watch any of the areas I was having trouble with and the quizzes ensured I comprehend the info. Plus the amount of learning resources and the community support is second to none. I highly recommend this program to any aspiring PMP!"


David Beranek

David Beranek, PMP, USAF

"Without the free study course, I don't think I would have had the focus and structure to crack down and raise my fail to pass within a month's time.  The clear videos are actually kind of enjoyable- humor and aim towards the military audience is very much appreciated.  Quizzes are helpful and build on each other.  I appreciated the basic test first, then building into application after you've nearly mastered the basics. I'm recommending it to all of my military PMP interested buddies!"


Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis, PMP, USAF

"Thanks to the PM-ProLearn program, I successfully passed the PMP exam. I took the boot camp twice due to a study delay and followed the on-line MSOLS.  Thanks to the PM-ProLearn team for helping me across the finish line.  Jamie Jett provided tons of instruction and advice and Stacy King helped me cram right before the exam.  Awesome instruction and guidance.  I highly recommend their courses and the learning support materials that the MSOLS provide."


Shane Wagner, PMP, USAF

"Your program was the backbone of my studying program and enabled me to pass on my first attempt.  The modules provided a very structured way to understand the material and process the information.  The study tools and quizzes are an excellent resource for any aspiring PMP!"


Julie Plessinger

Julie Plessinger, PMP, USN

"The support you provided was amazing. I was impressed with the professional application support and that our instructor reached out to us after the course.  It is a hard process, and you have to study, but overall it was a very professional, informative, and supportive experience and I never felt like I was alone."


Derek  Coldiron

Derek Coldiron, PMP, USAF

"Thanks, Pm-ProLearn for helping me achieve a personal and professional milestone! The Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) allowed me to take a very structured approach to my exam prep. The modules allowed me to easily grasp the concepts and apply them in a practical application. Obtaining my PMP has been nearly a four-year journey for me and your products gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam on the first try."


Daniel Williams, PMP

Daniel Williams, PMP, USA

"The PM-ProLearn course is a great start to build the foundation for a study and learning plan. The course offers many resources to tailor towards your learning strategy. The PM-ProLearn team is available at every stage of the certification process to provide insight. I highly recommend it."


Tom Banyacski, PMP

Tom Banyacski, PMP, USA

"PM-ProLearn is able to take the daunting Project Management Book of Knowledge and transform it into an easy to comprehend and reference learning program. I participated in both the online self-paced course and the five-day boot camp. I recommend taking both to fully understand the concepts and have the ability to ask more detailed questions. The tips and techniques the instructors provide are invaluable when it comes to taking the exam."


Marissa-Ellen Patterson

Marissa-Ellen Patterson, PMP

"I am a hands on learner and simply reading the material and watching videos wasn't preparing me well. I liked that I was able to sit in a virtual class that went over the concepts with real-world examples, tested our knowledge with quizzes and provided tips to be successful. The formula breakdown map was a huge help with learning the formulas! I valued that I could go back and review each chapter's recorded class, the slides, flashcards/quizzes and outlines."


Adam Getz

Adam Getz, PMP, USA

"Since taking the PM-ProLearn boot camp in March with Stacy instructing, I have been studying feverishly in preparation for the PMP exam. Today I passed it, above target in all areas.The MSOLS is a fantastic resource, and I used it nearly every day since March. The resources are fantastic. Stacy, your ability to simplify PMP and give test-taking tips is amazing. The boot camp was very good, but the Exam Cram was really helpful to me.  Ian, thank you for the analysis, and the questions I bugged you with. Your help was awesome.  Josh, we started working on a PMP class at Fort Meade back in October. It’s been a good trip! Thanks for all the phone calls and the encouragement.  Tim, I almost think we know each other, as I heard your voice on the lecture videos for many hours! Your explanations of PMP was a huge help.  I could not have done this without PM-ProLearn. Thank you."


Joshua Horning

Joshua Horning, PMP, USAF

"There was a lot of change, risk, and quality questions. Biggest was knowing the processes, what process you were in and what tools and techniques were needed. This course helped me tremendously...to the point of an overall above target score!"


Britain Ragar, PMP, USAF

"Thank you to to the whole PM-ProLearn team! From first contact through post-exam these have been some of the best people I've had the opportunity to work with. The training lessons, supporting materials, and follow-up study plans were a huge help in achieving this long-term goal of mine. I couldn't recommend this team and program any higher! Dedicated, caring and professional." 


Dave Gulyas

Dave Gulyas, PMP, USN

"I also wanted to send my sincerest appreciation for the outstanding support that PM-Prolearn has provided since the start of my PMP journey in December 2018. I, along with Travis Richie, took the boot camp in the first week of December and now finally have this certification under my belt 16 months later. Stacey King went above and beyond with the application assistance. Rebecca has been so helpful with the MSOLS flexibility. All the study resources on MSOLS are truly superior compared to other systems on the market. You mentioned Cornelius Fichtner and his exam simulator; he provided some great supplementary help but PM-Prolearn hits all the fundamentals and has been the perfect all-inclusive solution.  Two months ago, I separated from active duty, affiliated with the reserves, finished out my terminal leave, and focused solely on getting ready for the exam. My wife has been working full time and letting me play "house-husband" during this exam prep time. Now, I'm eager to take the next steps and seek opportunities to put this knowledge to use! I'm excited to engage with the excellent mentorship and do some more networking in the PM-Procommunity. I'll update my forum profile and become a more visible presence in the coming weeks." 


Joshua Moore

Joshua Moore, PMP, USMC

"A huge thank you to Ian Fisher, PM-Prolearn, and the MSOLS platform for helping me pass my PMP exam with above target across the board.  The MSOLS platform that allows you to go back and rewatch videos of the instructors repeatedly is an invaluable resource to really understand the PMBOK.  The breakdown of material along with real-life experiences presents the knowledge in a way that you can apply it to your own day to day work and get a better grasp of the material.  I couldn’t have done it without PM-Prolearn and the staff, so thank you to a phenomenal organization of caring instructors!"


Riley Fleshman

Riley Fleshman, PMP, USMC

"PM-ProLearn's 30 day learn at your own pace course was by far the best resource I used in preparation for my PMP exam. Not only did it fit my need but it was beyond anything I expected. The structure, teaching style, and extra resources made it simple and retainable. PM-ProLearn does a great job of expanding on information within the PMBOK and providing charts and graphs that truly made me feel ready to execute the exam. I have already recommended it to many who have reached out after successfully obtaining my PMP certification."


Dylan Tumblin

Dylan Tumblin, PMP, USMC

"I can not thank the entire PM-ProLearn team enough! From all of the study materials and online assistance provided after the course, the assistance with the preparation of the exam application, and to the fantastic and professional instruction provided by Ian during our boot camp.  The boot camp expanded upon the base of knowledge that I had learned during my time on active duty and taught the concepts and vocabulary that I was able to utilize on day one as I transitioned to a Fortune 500 company."


Brian Laurence, PMP, USMC

"I can't recommend the PM-ProLearn team highly enough to prepare you to apply, take, and pass the PMP exam. I took the course remotely and had a great experience - even though I wasn't in the same classroom as the rest of my peers.  Tim and the rest of the team will coach you through the fundamentals you need in order to be successful. Obviously, it takes a lot of work to pass the exam; however, this course puts you well on your way. If you are considering taking the course, I highly encourage you to use the PM-ProLearn method.  My application to PMI was accepted without an audit, I took my PMP exam and passed it on the first try-scoring Above Target in all domains. My thanks to the entire PM-ProLearn team for their great work and support!"


Mya Ishman, PMP

Mya Ishman, PMP, USA

"The PMP certification has been a goal of mine for several years so I finally decided to do something about it. PM-ProLearn was instrumental in helping me bridge the gap between my knowledge base and my ability to take the actual exam! Learning how to systematically approach questions is what made me successful on game day! The instructors on staff are invaluable. Thank you PM-ProLearn for helping me achieve a career goal!"


Manuel Galvan, PMP

Manuel Galvan, PMP, USA

"PM-ProLearn's way of breaking down the flow of each process and bridging together the ITTOs in managing projects was insightful and helpful for me to successfully pass the exam. Their program is designed to ensure your success as long as you follow their 21-study plan. The feedback from Ian Fisher, PM-ProLearn Instructor, after the week long training was also helpful to better understand any questions I had before the exam. I highly recommend PM-ProLearn's training to anyone that is wanting, but stuck on the border of taking the exam."


Ryan Waltz, PMP

Ryan Waltz, PMP

"Thank you to the entire PM-ProLearn staff for you around the clock support. Being located in Japan, I really appreciated the commitment and dedication to ensuring my success. Emails and questions were responded to very quickly, and I never had to wait long for an answer. The PM-ProLearn team went above and beyond when it came to working with my timeline and helped me find a test center that was right for me. The training modules, along with all of the supplemental materials, are very detailed but designed in a way that makes learning easy. I would recommend this program for anybody interested in earning their certificate as a Project Management Professional."


Enrique Gauthier, PMP

Enrique Gauthier, PMP, USMC

"Thank you and your crew for the amazing products, classes, slides and tactics to tackle the PMP exam. Passing the exam first time with confidence is the best feeling and accomplishment. All thanks to PM-ProLearn!"


Kathy Ackley, PMP

Kathy Ackley, PMP, USAF

"PM-ProLearn was pivotal in helping me prepare for the PMP. I would not have achieved it if it wasn’t for this amazing company. The intuitive modules and study content produced by ProLearn was genius.  With all the prep work, there were no surprises come test day. I had the instructor’s words resonating in my head as I was going through the exam.  Their customer service was first class and I couldn’t ask for a better experience.  Would highly recommend them to anybody who is serious about getting their PMP."


Riley Quinlan, PMP

Riley Quinlan, PMP, USAF

"PM-ProLearn was pivotal in helping me prepare for the PMP. I would not have achieved it if it wasn’t for this amazing company. The intuitive modules and study content produced by ProLearn was genius.  With all the prep work, there were no surprises come test day. I had the instructor’s words resonating in my head as I was going through the exam.  Their customer service was first class and I couldn’t ask for a better experience.  Would highly recommend them to anybody who is serious about getting their PMP."


Richard Crabtree, PMP

Richard Crabtree, PMP, USA

"I couldn’t have passed my PMP exam without PM-Prolearn. Due to schedule conflicts I had to delay taking my exam until several months after completing the PM-Prolearn Boot Camp. With the MSOLS system I was able to go back and watch all of the videos from an actual Boot Camp. This allowed me to refresh what I had learned in class the first time around. What was most impressive to me was the timing and quality of responses I received to my questions. I submitted a Network Diagram question to Ian Fisher on a Saturday morning. Within a matter of minutes I received a personalized video showing me how to complete the process. Very appreciative Ian! I would highly recommend PM-Prolearn to anyone considering taking the PMP exam!”


Justin Poust, PMP

Justin Poust, PMP, USMC

PM-ProLearn is must for anyone seeking their PMP, especially Military Professionals.  From day 1 in the Boot Camp through testing, their staff is extremely professional and want nothing more than to see you PASS the exam.  The MSOLS platform provides so many tools to not only prepare for the exam but become truly proficient in Project Management. Thank you PM-ProLearn! I look forward to sharing my experience with your course and being a continued advocate for this certification!"


Kearstin McGinnis, PMP

Kearstin McGinnis, PMP

A huge thank you to Tim and the entire PMProLearn team.  Achieving the PMP was made possible with their support and wonderfully outlined curriculum.  No detail is left out with PMProLearn.  With the audio recordings, slides, quizzes, flash cards and practice tests the curriculum is set up to accommodate all learning styles and formats. When searching for a boot camp I researched quite a few programs.  PMProLearn was chosen over the others as it provides a platform to learn the material, not just memorize.  The dedication the team has to a student’s success does not stop when boot camp is complete.  All instructors were available for “after hours” assistance and guidance, willing to answer any question. I look forward to being able to speak to others about the great work the team is doing and will continue to be a huge promoter!"


Shannon Webster, PMP

Shannon Webster, PMP, USAF

PM-ProLearn organized the very complex information contained within the PMBOK into a logical sequence that made learning easy. The instructors are beyond patient and through and have a vested interest in each student. The 5-day boot camp was critical to getting rapid clarification to questions and interacting with other candidates. I can't thank PM-ProLearn enough for arming me with the tools that I needed to successfully pass my PMP exam on the first try with "Above Target" in all domains!"



Haeyong Ji, PMP, USA

Your PMP course was fantastic!  I didn't even open up the PMBOK to pass the exam.  All I used is the slides from the course, your MSOLS, and brain dump memorization of the processes, process group, knowledge areas, formulas, ITTOs, and key benefits.  Thanks PM-ProLearn for helping me pass the PMP exam."


John Fies

John Fies, PMP, USAF

I have (Stacy) and the PM-ProLearn team to thank for all that you have taught me. Your methods are proven to be effective and reliable.  I love the MSOLs platform. It is truly a great learning experience for me."


Nicole Dhanraj, PMP

Nicole Dhanraj, PMP, USA

I used the PM-Prolearn online course as the ONLY prep material for my exam. The video content was the right pace for me. Tim hit all the pertinent points from the complex PMBOK and conceptualized it in a very easy manner to understand. So, I definitely appreciated the videos and the other content and quizzes provided. I liked that I was able to pause and review videos as much as I needed. I highly recommend the PM-Prolearn course and the support of the PM-ProLearn Team as their materials and instructional methodology is well suited for long term studies, or for persons like me, that wanted a comprehensive, hard and fast review, in a short period, to help pass the exam! Thank you for taking the  time to develop easy to understand the content and share with us vets!"


David Doane, PMP

David Doane, PMP, USA (RET)

“I just passed the challenging PMP certification exam and I am so grateful to the experts and support staff at PM-ProLearn! I have a lot of experience and education, but I found PMIs path quite complex and hard to master. I worked with half a dozen different vendors before a friend recommended PM-ProLearn.  I sent them a somewhat desperate email just 10 days before my test, and they responded immediately with access to an array of resources. What a difference!  Lightbulbs finally started turning on for me! Their methods and tools are the best I’ve seen. On top of that, they offer special pricing for military veterans and family members. I cannot recommend PM-ProLearn highly enough to anyone working through the ITTO maze.”


Ethan Mahoney, PMP

Ethan Mahoney, PMP, USMC (RET)

“PM-ProLearn was vital in my certification process. I had been studying by myself off and on for 18 months and this company put me over the top. I used the Multi-Spectrum Online Learning System (MSOLS) first to obtain a good understanding of the processes, then participated in a In-Person course at New River, North Carolina with Mike Burgos and finally took the PMP Exam Cram online course right before my test. The PMP Exam Cram with Stacy King, specifically the practice questions were vital in helping me think critically through the questions and find the key words and phrases for each question. The instructors are very knowledgeable and able to break down the principles so you can understand them better. I would recommend these folks for anyone preparing to earn their PMP certification.”


Christopher Rondeau, PMP

Christopher Rondeau, PMP, USAF

"Through the course videos and materials, I was able to go from application to successful certification in just about a month. The course layout, instruction, and materials were spot on to help me focus my previous on-the-job knowledge with the PMBOK and pass the test on the first attempt. PM-ProLearn has my full recommendation!"


Jerry Hambright, PMP, USAF

“As a 30-year Airmen, I have set some goals in my retirement year to prepare for life outside the military.  PMProLearn was my first step and they delivered beyond my expectations. The professional and knowledgeable instructors introduced me to the material and provided the tools and techniques to succeed on my exam and, more importantly, as a Project Manager.  Two weeks before my test Josh and Ian reached out to me and provided just last minute advice and resources that probably set me up to finish above target in all areas.  I have already recommended this program to many other folks to pursue.  Thanks to everyone at PMProlearn for helping me reach my retirement goals."


Meghan Wagley, PMP

Meghan Wagley, PMP

“I could not have achieved this milestone without the support of the PM-ProLearn team. From the first interaction with the class in Okinawa, to my application assistance once stateside, I always knew that everyone on their team was there to help in any way they could. Not only that but the study materials are top notch!  You guys are definitely the best in the business. THANK YOU”


Christopher Moore, PMP

Christopher Moore, PMP, USN

“The PM-ProLearn team was instrumental in providing me a knowledge foundation, which helped me to achieve this career milestone. Thank you! The course is well laid out and very easy to understand, and the tools available on the PM-ProLearn MSOLS platform really help solidify the students comprehension of the PMBOK, each knowledge area, process group, and process. As a transitioning service member, I have discovered passion for what I intend to do in my next career, and I have PM-ProLearn to thank for that!”


Craig Starcher, PMP, USMC

Craig Starcher, PMP, USMC

Thank you to the PM-ProLearn team for thinking of everything to make getting me to and preparing me for the PMP test as easy as possible. This is a program I have, and will continue to, recommend to everyone, especially active duty military. PM-ProLearn offers a great boot camp with quality online training materials, but the support the staff provides is why I recommend their program. Grouping the test cost with the training, makes them a one stop shop, that helps those on active duty remove the added burden of applying for TA to pay for their exams separately. By reviewing and tweaking my application multiple times, they helped me get my application approved, without being flagged for an audit, on the first try."


Steven Snyder

Steven Snyder, PMP, USN

“I really liked your course because it presented the material in an easy-to-understand way that even I could understand.  I took a few PM classes in grad school a few years back but would not have had a chance at passing the exam or of even fully internalizing and mastering all of the material without your course so thanks. Anyhow, all that is to say I owe you guys a huge debt of gratitude for helping me passed the test and get certified.  Your course was very reasonably priced for the value and I am convinced that your MSOLS is the best product of its kind that I have ever seen in any context.  As a prior curriculum developer I was very impressed.  Also, your instructional techniques were exceptional.  Don't get a big head but know that I think you guys are killing it. Keep up the good work and keep helping our service men and women get themselves ready to get out of the military and join the regular work force.”


Corey Walden, PMP

Corey Walden, PMP, USAF

"I passed my PMP exam last week, thanks to PM-ProLearn.  Big thanks to Rebecca for helping me schedule and pay for my exam, and answering tons of questions. I can't thank Ian and Tim enough for their masterful instruction and mentorship.  The PM-ProFlow and other products helped me grasp the flow and integration of the processes, which was essential to passing the exam.  The course materials being available for a year was a gold mine.  I waited almost a year after the boot camp to test, and I was able to use the recorded lectures to go through the entire course a couple of times over, on my own time. The supplemental notes, slide decks, practice tests, etc., were also very helpful.  Everyone at PM-ProLearn has been great, and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to earn their PMP!!"


Leon Banta

Leon Banta, PMP, USMC

“To start at the end, going in for my PMP Certification tets last Friday I was full of confidence and had a rock solid understanding; I was able to apply the fundamentals to the exam questions which was a direct result of PM-ProLearn’s curriculum, online portal, and instructor staff. Now let me rewind to the first day of the 35-hour course held aboard New River Air Station where Michael Burgos blew my mind more than once, but he delivered the information in a methodical manner and explained how to study for the exam that ultimately proved fruitful in less than 45 days from the course of instruction delivery.  His insightfulness and ability to accurately answer each and every question that was thrown at him froma diverse and executive-level audience was above reproach. In addition, I communicated with Tim Dalhouse (CEO) on a few occasions, each time he went out of his way to assist me.  Having been at the enterprise level of business over the last 10 years, reaching a CEO and expecting a reply is less than promising; this is not the case with PM-ProLearn.  From the Owner to the Administration Section, this organization is 100% customer (stakeholder) satisfaction. To summarize, I could not have earned my PMP certification from PMI without PM-ProLearn’s staff, web-based MSOLS, and directions for success.”


Matthew Smith, PMP

Matthew Smith, PMP, USAF

Thank you to PM-ProLearn for taking the time to develop and deliver a quality product.  Their program prepared me not only to pass the coveted PMP certification in the first attempt, but also for everything leading up to test day.  From the material taught in the classroom and the practice exams to the application process and PMI membership.  I worked with three or four individuals throughout my journey and all of them were professional and clearly dedicated to my success.  I could not have completed this without their help.  Thank you PM-ProLearn!”


Norman Robinson

Norman "NJ" Robinson, PMP, USAF

PM-ProLearn proved as an invaluable resource for earning my PMP.  Without attending the bootcamp, I an sure self-study alone would not have prepared me.  Stacy King, my instructor, was great.  He really helped me connect the dots regarding project management process and I have a ton of gratitude for him.  I have already recommended PM-ProLearn to every veteran who wants to earn the PMP as the way to go.  I could go on and on from Rebecca to the staff who helped me successfully navigate through the application process to Tim who responded quickly to some of my questions when I did the online training.”



William "Wes" Powell, PMP, USN

I took the PM-ProLearn boot camp class for active duty and veterans.  I know that without the knowledge the course provided I would not be a PMP now.  Tim Dalhouse does an amazing job covering every aspect of PMP and is always available when you have a question about the material, even to the guys who take the free course.  That is the type of service and care you just can’t get in other places.”


Alexander Cockman, PMP

Alexander Cockman, PMP, USAF

“The course was absolutely worth it and created the foundation for how I studied and even how I learned the material. It was much easier to recall certain information, as well as how I remembered the information, based on how th MSOLS displayed/highlighted key points to focus on.  Everyone through PM-ProLearn whom I interacted with was incredibly professional and helpful.  I really felt like everyone wanted me to succeed.  So thank you again for your assistance and guidance every step of the way! I have been, and will continue to, recommend this program to others.”


Jacob Spurgeon, PMP

Jacob Spurgeon, PMP

I am truly thankful for the PM-ProLearn team as the entire process was seamless from start to finish.  The value provided is incredible and I would recommend any PMP prospect to PM-ProLearn’s training program.”


Andy Williams, PMP

Andrew Williams, PMP, USA

The PM-ProLearn team is fantastic.  The PMP Boot Camp was awesome and was instrumental in my passing of the PMP exam. The whole staff at PM-ProLearn is great.  Highly recommend! Tim Dalhouse was an awesome instructor with a lot of great insight.”


Henry Scott, PMP

Henry Scott, PMP, USA

As a customer when searching for a service provider, you look for simplicity.  I was thoroughly impressed by PM-ProLearn’s website and the customer service rendered during each phase of the process.  Our instructor, Tim, did a fantastic job sharing his on the job experiences, which helped conceptualize what we were learning. I have recommended PM-ProLearn to many of my other colleagues.  They are, by far, one of the industry leaders in providing high-quality Project Management training!”


Michael Cardenas

Michael Cardenas, PMP

“I just tested today and passed with ‘Above Target’ in all areas.  Just wanted to thank you for providing such a great overall training experience.  Hope to hook up with you all for the Agile Practitioner course in the future!”


Raymond Scarborough

Raymond Scarborough, PMP, USMC

“I recently passed the PMP exam and would like to thank the PM-ProLearn team. (Outstanding PMP Exam preparation program!! Attending PM-ProLearn's PMP Bootcamp in combination with following its study program via its online learning system set me up for success on exam day. The instructor for my PMP bootcamp, Ian Fisher, was extremely knowledgeable with in-depth PM experience. He presented and reinforced the material in a way that was practical, relatable and retainable. PM-ProLearn provided its PMP exam prep information in an easy to understand format with emphasis placed on the right knowledge points and process flows. I particularly liked the Pro-Flow diagrams provided on each of the 10 knowledge areas which covered the process flows between each of the processes relevant to the knowledge area, highlighting the inputs and outputs from each of the processes in a logical and easy to follow format. Another plus, the training material had cross references to the PMBOK which enabled quick transition between PM-ProLearn's material and the PMBOK. Lastly as with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. (Study hard and have a Brain Dump!!)"


Jose Patino

Jose Patino, PMP, USMC

“I passed the PMP exam this Saturday.  I completed the PM training course from O2O VCTP in 2017, but utilized the PM-ProLearn 30-Day Free course recently to get me ready for the exam.  The videos and all the student handouts were extremely helpful.  I truly think they made the difference. I want to thank you and PM-ProLearn fort all the support.”


Chad Fry

Chad Fry, PMP, USAF

"The PM-ProLearn process is tough, but works!  I took about 90 days from in-class instruction till I tested, and passed the first time with Above Target in 4 of the 5 areas.  The instructor, Ian, set the tone as difficult but gave exact instruction on what to focus on and how to succeed.  The study plan works.  I would recommend this team and program for anyone contemplating getting their PMP."


Michael Cuccio

Michael Cuccio, PMP, USMC

"Tim Dalhouse and his team at PM-ProLearn did a fantastic job in preparing me for the PMP Exam. I attended the initial 5 days of training, but then had to take a 6-month hiatus due to a heavy work schedule. When I dug back into it, PM-ProLearn’s online instruction and practice tests got me back up to speed. The Exam was extremely hard, but PM-ProLearn provided me with the right knowledge and confidence, allowing me to pass it with Above Target in 4 out of 5 Knowledge Areas. I strongly recommend PM-ProLearn to anyone considering becoming a PMP!"


Raymond Landon

Raymond Landon, PMP, USAF

"My experience with PM-ProLearn was an excellent one and I feel both the course and the numerous online materials provided were well constructed, thorough and very helpful.  While there is no substitute for consistent and repetitive study, PM-ProLearn was definitely THE critical success factor in helping me to pass the exam on my first try.  I will highly recommend PM-ProLearn to my colleagues and friends!"


Jonathan Veal

Jonathan Veal, PMP, USAF

"Thanks, PM-ProLearn team!  Without a doubt this learning system works.  They break down a monumental learning objective with the right mixture of instruction, visual aids, and student follow up care. Regarding the student follow up care, Ian was rapidly responsive for any and all additional questions I had, even 3 months after completing the course. This was huge having him and the entire staff in my corner providing this level of specialized care, which is unheard of in today’s business environment.  PM-ProLearn is the obvious choice taught by real world professionals providing the application level of learning and will continue recommending this team throughout my professional career. Thanks again!"


Lucas Defa

Lucas Defa, PMP, USAF

"I want to thank you for your instruction, and PM-ProLearn for the tools provided.  I passed my exam today.  Also, the practice questions provided  are much more difficult than the actual exam (my opinion). I love your curriculum, and I will definitely recommend you, and PM-ProLearn to anyone looking to get their PMP certification."


Brian Moore, PMP, USA

“The PM-ProLearn PMP course was well thought out, organized, and easy to use.  Ian Fisher did a great job teaching the boot camp and was instrumental in my goal of obtaining the PMP certificate. The online learning system and the PMBOK was all I needed to prepare. Additionally, having the exam and PMI membership fees included in the course helped make PM-ProLearn the obvious choice.”


Josh Heivly, PMP, USN

"The preparation provided by Tim and team not only walked me through the entire range of PMP subject matter -- it provided a structured platform for developing the in-depth understanding required to pass this difficult test.  The 21-day Study Plan was demanding but not impossible, and by the time I completed the test I knew that it had left me peaking on test day, primed with detailed PMP knowledge and more than well-prepared.  All in all a great experience; I learned a lot and came away with not only the PMP certification but also a greatly improved understanding of the project management discipline."


Tanner Martin, PMP, USMC

“Very excited to announce that after months of studying and preparation that I passed the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam today!  Thank you to the team at PM-ProLearn who helped.  Shout out to Ian Fisher who assisted with my application process and Stacy King, the phenomenal course instructor that made learning the content easy and worthwhile.”


Paul Gray, PMP, USAF

“PM-ProLearn is the only way to go if you are serious about obtaining a PMP certification.  With the overwhelming choices of programs available, a colleague referred me to PM-ProLearn.  After first contact I was hooked and know I lucked out.  The program delivery fit my learning style and the material was presented in a way that made sense.  I only used the 30-day program offered to veterans, but still, the course provided me with the tools and frame of mind needed to score successfully on the course exam.  I cannot thank Tim and the PM-ProLearn crew enough!  And they have an awesome app!”


Steven Kildow, PMP, USA

“PM-ProLearn is the reason I was able to pass the PMP exam the first time and earn above target on 4 of the 5 process groups.  I thought I could study on my own, but quickly realized I needed help.  The Boot Camp and MSOLS gave me the information and the tools to succeed.  The whole team is very professional and responsive to whatever question or problem I encountered.  Thank you PM-ProLearn for helping me achieve this goal and I am looking forward to applying all the skills I learned in the future.”


Teresa Chavez, PMP, USAF

"I just wanted to say thank you and I could not have done it without your program. A lot of time, effort and studying went into this certification and I appreciate all of your support along the way. Rebecca helped with the AFCOOL funding, Ian and Daren were great instructors, Ian also made himself available for application questions which was so appreciated and Tricia helped with the exam funding. Last honorable mention is Tim’s videos and audio files, I watched all the videos and listened to the audio files on my 30 minute drive to and from work to help ensure I knew how to think like PMI so thank you all for being great organization and providing the tools necessary to succeed in this exam." 


George Lopez, PMP, USA

"PM-ProLearn was the foundation for my success in passing the PMP exam! The staff and instructors are all amazing and responsive which made the experience that much better. The course and training material is structured in a way that makes understanding each process and knowledge area easy and simple. Thank you PM-ProLearn for helping me take my Project Management career to the next level."


Matt Williams, PMP, USMC

“I took the PMP exam yesterday and passes with Above Targets in all five process groups! I just wanted to thank PM-ProLearn for making the whole experience easy. From the class to the online learning system I found everything user friendly and extremely helpful. Despite only having three weeks from the time I took the class to the exam, I still felt confident and prepared. I strongly recommend PM-ProLearn to anyone trying to earn their PMP certification”


Justin Griffis, PMP, USMC

"I cannot give enough praise or thanks to the staff of PM-ProLearn for preparing me to earn the PMP certification.  This certification is one of the most difficult but rewarding undertakings I've had in recent times and I doubt I could have done it without them.  The level of instruction and the ability to translate information into understandable concepts and ideas enabled me to pass the test.  Ian, Josh, Tim, Rebecca and Tricia are an amazing team, and I hope to continue working with them in the future."


John Sanders, PMP, USAF

"I probably shouldn’t say this, but I didn’t crack the PMBOK once!  The in-class instruction and the online training material were all I needed to prepare me for the exam. I can’t thank Tim and the guys enough for such an incredible product."


Adam Drayton, PMP, USN

"Thanks to the PM-Prolearn team. It was a lot of studying but I scored “Above Target” in all Process Groups! Thanks again for everything! I couldn’t imagine preparing for, or taking, this exam without this course."


Archie Ritchie, PMP, USAF

"I passed my exam on Tuesday, just had to trust the processes PM-ProLearn put in place. Your team definitely has a program that caters to everyone's learning styles. Thanks for the help!"


Christine Aquino, PMP

"If you follow the PM-ProLearn plan…there is strong likelihood of achieving the desired outcome. Commit to the program and keep your blinders on. I wasted several hours researching -other- training prep plans, etc. I fell down the internet rabbit hole (more than once). EVERYONE has an opinion, and a proposed plan to approach the test. Re-purpose this time for studying the PM-ProLearn material. (I’ve wasted the time FOR you. You’re welcome)."


Jay Broemmel, PMP, USA

"I just passed the PMP exam and want to say well done regarding the system you put in place. From starting on the 16th of May, I was able to pass the exam on the 2nd of July. Excellent tools and a super responsive staff!"


Ricardo Ramirez, PMP, USAF

"Can’t argue with success. I recently completed Tim’s PM-Prolearn course, and passed my PMP exam the first time! Thanks to Tim and my instructor Ian Fisher for an incredible boot camp and study program. So far of my cohorts I’m the second to test and pass. Best part about it that I will actually apply the things I learned to be a better PM."


Markus Gibson, PMP, USMC

"Thank you to the team at PM-ProLearn and especially Tim Dalhouse for helping me to successfully obtain the PMP certification. Their course made all the difference in me being able to pass the exam with an overall Above Target score. Anyone that has a desire to earn their PMP should connect with PM-ProLearn!"


Robert Witzleb, PMP, USN

“Tim Dalhouse, You are the man!!!!!! I won’t say it was easy but your PM-ProLearn program made it much easier. I would have NEVER passed this without you guys.”


Jonathan Hey, PMP, USMC

"Tim and the PM-ProLearn team - you've been an absolutely phenomenal help through this daunting process... with a real perspective on bridging the military - PM "worlds."  No way I could have done it without you!  Thank you."


Dave Brusby, PMP, USN

"Tim, I just wanted to reach out and thank you. I enrolled in your 30 day program for veterans and it really solidified my knowledge of Project Management. I passed my exam last Saturday with "Above Target". Thanks again for the opportunity to take part in your program, it really paid off!"


Tim Ferguson, PMP, USAF

"Just wanted to pass on a big thank you for setting me up for success! Multiple months of study and attending a couple classes to break things down set me up for an “above target overall”! That couldn't have been down without your guidance & direction! Thanks man!"


David Spenner, PMP, USAF

"Very very well done, Tim. Thank you for everything.I listened to your videos during my long commutes in the D.C. area for 2 months! The PM-ProLearn free for veterans online training tools are by far superior to anything else I have seen. I was able to study whenever and wherever I could with seamless functionality and very detail oriented materials. Your practice tests are on par with the real deal and had me ready and confident to pass first time. I 100% recommended your online training for someone that is on the go!"


John Brown, PMP, USMC

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam yesterday! Thank you for the support throughout the process. I attended the MCAS Miramar bootcamp in April and Stacy was an outstanding instructor. You have a great product and I will be recommending it to anyone I know interested in earning their PMP certification."


Eric Northam, PMP, USMC

"Outstanding course. Passed it first time, with Above Target in all but closing in which I received On Target. Compared to some of my buddies who went through some other bootcamps, your product is far superior to what I see being used/done out there. Appreciate the quick feedback to many of my questions. You have done an exceptional job of breaking everything down "barney style," so much so though that even a Marine can pass. Thanks again for what you do. Still looking into getting you and your team back to Pax River."


Greg Butler, PMP, USAF

“PM-ProLearn was there for me every step of the way! Unlike some Project Management training that only checks the block for 35 PDU hours, they helped me with my test application, online learning system, and scheduling. You name it and PM-ProLearn is there for you with unmatched customer support!”


David Shaver, PMP, USAF

It feels awesome! PMP was one of the last boxes I wanted to check before retiring. Thanks for all the help PM-ProLearn gave me!"


Tamara Ormond, PMP, USAF

"Thank you!! I’m so very elated, relieved and all those other words! I could not have done it without all of the support and of flexibility you guys have provided!"


Nicholas Payne, PMP, USMC

"Passed the PMP exam! Thanks to PM-ProLearn for their amazing PMP boot camp and tools. I can't recommend them enough for anyone looking for assistance in preparing and passing the PMP."


Kyle Licht, PMP, USAF

"After a year of procrastination, your guys boot camp really pushed me in the right direction and i wouldn't have passed without it!"


Richard Lowery, PMP, USA

"Thank you. I must admit that the PM-ProLearn study materials were amazing! Your study materials are so user friendly and easy to use. I have nothing but great things to say about your practices and deliverables."


Doug Dudley, PMP, USAF

"Thanks to you for putting up with all my questions over the past couple months while I've done your course in self-study mode.  I took another bootcamp from one of your competitors earlier last year and didn't get much from it.  Your course was far superior!"


Patricia Hurdle, PMP, USAF

“Thank you to Charles “Ian” Fisher and PM-ProLearn! I did the 21-day study plan, scheduled my test within 8-weeks of the in-class course, and success was the result!”


Raymond Casher, PMP, USA

"I took and passed the PMP exam yesterday.  Thank you for your videos and support during this journey. You are running a first-class program and I am really excited that I got to be part of it as a student.  My hat is off to you and the entire PM-ProLearn team."


Jason Mark, PMP, USAF

"I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing program you have built and team you have assembled to deliver the training. The online learning modules, combined with the 21-day study plan, set me up for success on exam day. Thanks again!"


Bob Roberts, PMP, USMC

"I’m happy to say I passed the PMP exam this afternoon. I couldn’t have done it without your amazing class."


Sean Barnes, PMP, USA

"Thank you and the PM-ProLearn Team. You guys are the real deal - in and out of the classroom. The way you guys breakdown the complex into easier to understand blocks and then coupled with your personalized/individual coaching throughout the process is outstanding. Your (Ian Fisher's) personal touch and investment greatly contributed to my achievement of Above Target on my PMP Exam - 9 April.  Thanks so much."


Patricio Delacruz, PMP, USAF

"Just wanted to say thank you for providing access to your PM-ProLearn resources for Veterans. I feel like I know you after watching all of the videos from the website. I couldn’t have passed the test without the resources and the EVM formula map was the best. Thank you again."


Trevor Crawford, PMP, USA

"I want to thank Tim Dalhouse and the PM-ProLearn team for the amazing program they provided. It truly set me up for success today."


Thomas Kopp, PMP, USMC

"I am confident that I would not have been successful on the test if it was not for you and your awesome team!! Thank you for setting me up for success!"


Freddy Sanchez, PMP  USAF

"When I first attended Tim's PMP boot camp I was overwhelmed as I had not prepared myself sufficiently for the material and thought to myself, "There is no way I'm going to pass this exam." Well today I passed the PMP exam on my first try and I owe it all to PM-ProLearn's knowledge base and studying methodology. Thank you!"


Zach Burke, PMP  USMC

"I passed my PMP exam today. The PM-ProLearn curriculum is the closest thing to a PMP Golden Ticket out there. If you pay attention in class, and put the work in during the 21-Day Study Plan you will absolutely be set up for success. Thank you so much for all of the help and support."


Troy Page, PMP  USAF

“I have just completed my test. I passed! Thank you for your program, I would not have achieved this result without it.”


Anthony Ripley, PMP  USMC

"I want to thank PM-ProLearn for all the assistance in preparation. The Instructor support, both during and after the class, was expedient and knowledgeable.  In addition, the software modules and practice tests were great tools for preparation.  I would highly recommend PM-ProLearn’s course to other PMP candidates to assist in the total immersion necessary to pass this difficult test."


Scott Johnson, PMP  USAF

"PM-ProLearn Team, I want to first thank you, thank you for the great material, support, and providing a great training experience. Today I successfully crushed the PMP test with an overall of Above Target as well as an Above Target in each domain. I look forward to you guys coming and spreading this to my unit in June."


Ryan McAllister, PMP  USAF

"I would like to thank PM-ProLearn for all of their assistance throughout the entire process. Their deliberate approach throughout the course combined with the online interactive MSOLS made it easy to gain the tools necessary to be successful on Test Day. I would like to specifically thank Ian Fisher for his dedication to all of the students individually throughout the 5 day class and all the way through test day."


Michael Moore, PMP  USAF

"Ian, thanks to you and PM-Prolearn for a great PMP Bootcamp. I passed the exam on Friday above target in 4 of the 5 areas. Thanks for the support and helping me meet my goal."


Leonard Acosta, PMP  USAF

"I must say the exam was extremely challenging, and I could not have conquered it without the help of PM-ProLearn. Thanks for the phenomenal engagement from the staff, especially Ian Fisher who provided one on one support throughout my journey. ”


Alan Boling, PMP  USAF

"I passed with room to spare. Tough, but I thought your tests were tougher.”


Chad Hill, PMP  USMC

"Today I passed one of the most time intensive and challenging tests I’ve taken in quite awhile...the PMP Certification Exam. I want to say thank you to Tim Dalhouse, MBA, PMP, ICP and PM-ProLearn for the professional-level instruction, amazing learning management system and well-crafted 21-day Study Plan that helped me prepare for the 4-hour exam. I highly recommend this amazing program!!!"


Shane Yenzer, PMP  USMC

"I have to say the model you have created through PM-ProLearn is user-friendly, comprehensive, and totally prepares one for the PMP exam. Your 5-day boot camp combined with your 21-day study plan and practice quizzes absolutely prepared me for the exhaustive 4-hour exam. Trust the plan! I would have taken the exam a bit sooner, but as you know, life happens. I want to thank you and your team for all that you do training and preparing future PMs. You all rock!"


Elizabeth Maldonado, PMP  USA Civilian

"I passed the PMP test on Saturday :) Thank you for your help and support! We have referred your business to those who ask how we did it."


Frederick Della Gala, PMP  USMC

"I wanted to personally thank you for granting me access to the prep course and study material. I passed the PMP exam above target on 8 Feb 2019. I did read the PMBOK, Crowe’s study guide, and Head First cover-to-cover, but it was the  PM-ProLearn material that enabled me to clearly understand the processes and interfaces. During my last week of preparation, I took practice exams and studied your power points and supplementals."


Shane Bladen, PMP  USMC

"I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam today. I took your class in March 2018. Your slide decks are worth their weight in gold while preparing for the exam. While I don’t recommend waiting almost a full year to take the exam after the class, your material is so good that at least the option is available."


Matt Murray, PMP  USMC

"I stand by your method of preparation. I had to take a hiatus from studying over the summer, because we PCS'd. I picked back up on studying in November and set a target date...Your methodology definitely prepped my brain for the test. Thank you!"


Joshua Celis, PMP  USMC

"The exam was hard. I started studying shortly after the class in Okinawa. Then took about a month away and then started the 21 day study plan. The 21 day plan is solid as long as you follow the daily requirements (as outlined on the PM-ProLearn website.) A spreadsheet that another fellow student posted was helpful to follow as well. I wouldn’t have passed without it. ProLearn is the best program out there! Tim does a tremendous job teaching."


Craig Tibado, PMP  USMC

“I took and passed my PMP exam today! I scored above target overall. Thanks for your assistance with my application and preparation. I have and will continue to recommend you to others. You and your team perform an outstanding service.“


Kevin McKee, PMP USN

"I passed my exam today with Above Target in all areas and I just wanted to thank you for all your support! I was able to participate in classes taught by both Ian and Stacy as well as review the videos taught by Tim so I was well prepared!"


Christopher Medford,  PMP  USN

"PM-ProLearn has top-notch content and presentation style - critical to my "Pass".  When I met Tim, and he was effortlessly using the latest technology to facilitate the lesson (simultaneously to virtual attendees, mind you!), I knew it would be an experience unlike any other.  Your team has my unwavering support and my "if you're looking to get your PMP, then you need to use PM-ProLearn" recommendation."


Robert Dinsmore, PMP  USAF

"I passed my PMP exam with 4 of 5 'Above Target'.  Thank you for the awesome Boot Camp and study aids.  It was a lot more work than I thought it might be and I could not have done it without you."


Jan Durham, PMP  USMC

"The old phrase 'slow and steady wins the race' as I say this, but I successfully passed the PMP exam yesterday after taking my 2nd PMP boot camp class clear back in Feb. Thanks to the PM-ProLearn team for helping me not only get across the finish line, but really learn the material. Highly recommend their services and learning support materials."


Chris Schnipke, "PMP  USAF

"Tim, just wanted to say thank you for the awesome PMP course....took the exam today and passed with 'above target.'  On top of the course content for each section, the pamphlet you wrote on translating military experience was money for submitting my application and formula map was exactly what I needed today.  Thanks again for the instruction!"


Darren Jester

Darren Jester, PMP  USMC

"Best program out there for our Veterans! It made all the difference for me. After expressing concern for my comfort level going in to take the exam after having just finished another self-paced program, a friend recommended your program for vets. I was on a short timeline due to the change over to edition 6 coming up in just 2 weeks so I religiously listened to you cover all the info for about a week straight of 8 hour sessions and aced the test on the first try with top mark's in all 5 categories. The formula map and logical order and method of presentation over what I had previously seen was perfect for me as a primarily visual learner!"


Solomon David

Solomon David, PMP  USMC

"The PM-Prolearn system laid the foundation I needed to not only translate my experience, but also to successfully master the knowledge needed to pass above target overall."


Richard Hendricks

Richard Hendricks, PMP  USA

"Thanks to PM-ProLearn for giving me the starting block to my PMP certification training. Tim Dalhouse and his team have a great program that truly prepared me for my test."


Joseph Roybal

Joseph Roybal, PMP  USA

"Your course was the key — I took another on-line course and read portions of books prior to taking your course, but none of it made sense to me until I watched your videos and studied your slides. Great job distilling the salient points and transforming them into a usable format."


Hite Spender

Hite Spencer, PMP  USN

"Thank you to the team at PM-ProLearn. Ian Fisher taught a great course and the whole team was very professional. PM-ProLearn has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to help students master the PMBOK, making the entire process very smooth. Support from PM-ProLearn continued well after the classroom training was finished, providing support for students through a successful test and beyond."


Bryan Jewell

Bryan Jewell, PMP  USMC

"I used Tim's self-paced program. I was already familiar with the basic concepts from a few college classes but needed to learn PM from PMI’s perspective. I slammed his course every night and finished in about 11 days. I then sat for the exam and passed first try. Veterans can’t go wrong with the PM-ProLearn program!"


Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson, PMP  USA

"I am happy to say I passed my PMP exam today. Above target in all five performance domains. Thanks to the great boot camp put on by PM-ProLearn and a phenomenal instructor Tim Dalhouse"


Richard Ayers

Richard Ayers, PMP  USMC

"I appreciate all the help during the course and with submitting my application. The PM-ProLearn syllabus and learning management system is top notch. I will certainly be spreading the word about your program.  Thank you!"


Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones, PMP  USMC

"The PM-ProLearn course was the single most important step I took that enabled my success on the exam."


Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey, PMP  USA

"I passed my PMP Exam today on the first attempt and exclusively used your lesson plans and instructional videos. You have a great program and appreciate your professional mentorship throughout this process."


Nancy Springer

Nancy Springer, PMP  USMC

"Mission accomplished! Scored 'above target' in all areas! Your program is superior and I give you/it the credit for the win."


Mark McCants

Mark McCants, PMP  USA

"I couldn't have done it without PM-ProLearn! Awesome program that was easy to use and understand, comprehensive, and engaging."


Shaun Doheney

Shaun Doheney, PMP USMC

"PM-ProLearn offers a well-organized and quality Project Management curriculum that thoroughly prepared me to pass my PMP exam!"


Ian Fisher

Ian Fisher, PMP  USMC

"I finished my PMP exam in under two hours with Above Target in every area! Amazing feeling! On a scale of 1-10, I’d put this course at an 11."


Eric Zea

Eric Zea, PMP  USMC

"The PM-ProLearn slides for ITTO's, PM-ProFlow charts, recordings, exercises and exams, and the  study plan were instrumental in me studying and passing the exam."


Jose Santiago

Jose Santiago, PMP  USA

"If it wasn't for your training most likely I wouldn't have passed the PMP exam. BTW I became really good on EVM thanks to your Formula Map"


Derek Wood

Derek Wood, PMP  USMC

"PM-ProLearn's EVM formula diagram was the key to my success on the 8 EVM questions on  my PMP exam."


Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis, PMP  USMC

"PM-ProLearn was a great resource and instrumental in preparing me to pass on the first attempt."


Paul Adamson

Paul Adamson, PMP  USAF

"I passed the PMP thanks to PM-ProLearn!"


Earl Nelson

Earl Nelson, PMP  USN

"Thanks to PM-ProLearn for helping me to achieve my PMP certification!"


Scott Byers

Scott Byers, PMP  USA

"I passed the PMP Exam and made the team! Thanks for all your support, encouragement, and advice that helped me to be successful"


Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee, PMP  USMC

"I did it! PM-ProLearn helped immensely! PM-ProLearn really works!"