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How to use ARMY CA funding

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Understanding Army Credential Assistance (CA) Funding:

In 2020 the Army Created the CA program and it is open to all Active, Guard, and Reserve Soldiers. CA shares the same $4k allocation with Tuition Assistance (TA). CA allows soldiers to pursue training towards Army Cool/DoD Cool approved Certifications and covers training, materials, exams and recertification fees. Every vendor can price their training how they want and include various components so do your homework based on the certification you are interested in.

If you have questions about prerequisites you can look up various certifications here:

If you want to research all approved vendors you can do so here:

CA is different than TA in that:

1) It does NOT have an ADSO

2) It is NOT connected to a specific MOS

3) It is NOT connected to your Rank

4) It is NOT connected to any previous degrees you have

5) Funding is paid up front and each vendor has their own policies on what is included and length of time you can attend.

CA is similar to TA in that:

1) Soldiers only have $4k total to use for CA or TA

2) All vendors must be approved by CA and be listed in ArmyIgnitED

3) Students can pick which training company they want to use

4) Students are responsible to understand vendor/school policies

5) Students MUST complete or pass any course or exam funded by the army.

Note: (PM-ProLearn is one of the only vendors that includes the exam and failure retest with training to increase value and remove risk. Soldiers must only complete the training to satisfy Army funding with PM-ProLearn. The exam while included isn’t required to be completed or passed.)

How to use CA:

1) Identify the certification you want to pursue and make sure you meet any pre-requisites or requirements.

You can do a full credential search here:

Note: You can only submit for one certification at a time unless the certs are complimentary. Soldiers can submit for TWO PM-ProLearn Certs simultaneously and have a year to complete the training, while also remaining below the $4k threshold (Exam and failure retest included)

2) Find the training company you want to use. (Do your homework though)

Approved companies can be found on the Army CA website under Related links Approved vendor list

I have saved you some time by doing a comparison of various PMP training and ACP training companies below:

3) Reach out to the training company to see what their schedule looks like of available classes.

PM-ProLearn course catalog is listed here for individuals who want to join classes already scheduled.

If you don’t see a class at a location, time zone, or delivery format (daytime, evening, in person, virtual) then you can let us know at

How our global demand-based scheduling process works

1) We assess potential demand for a course. (8 for virtual and 12 for in person)

2) We assess the best delivery format (Daytime or evenings, live virtual or in person)

3) We confirm with our operations department that we can support the time zone and format and build it.

4) We build a flier that can be shared on social media or via email to allow students to enroll on their own.

***None of our courses are command directed, or specific to an individual unit and are open to anyone who wants to attend.

4) Once you confirm the course and date submit for an invoice:

You can submit for an invoice here for PM-ProLearn:

5) Submit your invoice and course request through ArmyIgnitED

When submitting make sure you are aware of timelines and course dates.

CA takes 45 calendar days to process so make sure you have time to submit.

Army CA will require you to have completed the course within 10 days of the completion date listed. For PM-ProLearn we give you a year of access so there is ultimate flexibility.

For an Army Ignited submission guide email and we will send you one with screen shots and step by step instructions.

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21 Eyl 2022

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