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How to use USCG CA funding for PMP

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Starting 26 Aug 2022 the USCG CA program is entering into Phase 2 which means that all active duty Coast Guard now have $4500 to spend towards certification training and exams. Vendors must be VA or DOL approved which means that PM-ProLearn's PMP training is on the list!!!

THIS IS A REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM where members pay out of pocket first.

Make sure you are USCG approved for funding BEFORE you pay for a class.

Below is a user guide taken from one build by the USCG. If you have questions on this process please email or connect with ETQC at

How to request funding:

1. Find and select related credential from USCG COOL.

2. Request approval in MyCG Ed

(make sure you have approval before moving on to step 3)

3. Pay for approved fees out of pocket and request reimbursement

4. Get your credential

5. Report results

PMP is listed on the CG COOL Website and approved.

You can find PM-ProLearn in Weams here by searching for Project Management Professional, and clicking on the second listing in all caps.

From the user guide:

A. Credentialing Basics. 1. Voluntary Credentialing Program (VCP). The Coast Guard Voluntary Credentialing Program Instruction (COMDTINST 1540.10) establishes the policy on program eligibility, credentials and occupations covered, oversight mechanisms for the payment of expenses and benefits, as well as limitations, roles, and responsibilities for implementing the VCP. The VCP allows eligible members to obtain credentials, certifications, and licenses while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. The VCP employs Credentialing Assistance (CA), executed by Education and Training Quota Management Command (ETQC), to reimburse members for authorized fees in the pursuit of credentials. 2. Importance of Credentials. Credentials increase chances of promotions and improves the professionalism and expertise of personnel within their respective ratings. Federal, state, or local law may require specific credentials to legally perform some jobs. Obtaining credentials – certifications and licenses – demonstrates that members meet industry standards. Credentials may be required for a job, can increase the likelihood of employment, and/or a higher salary. They aid career advancement and streamline the transition of separating members entering the civilian workforce. Certifications and licensures ensures the Coast Guard workforce remains Relevant, Ready, and Responsive. 3. Eligible members. Credentialing Assistance (CA) is authorized for qualified Active Duty and SELRES members (Enlisted and Officers) who meet VCP eligibility requirements as outlined in COMDTINST 1540.10. 4. Coverage & Limitations. CA funds licenses and certifications listed on the CG COOL website. a. The CG COOL website displays credentials authorized for reimbursement under the voluntary credentialing program( Credentials not listed on CG COOL are not authorized for reimbursement. b. Enlisted and Officers are eligible for CA up to $4500 per Fiscal Year (FY) c. CA will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis to the extent that funding is available.

B. Request Credentialing Assistance (CA) in Five Easy Steps. 1. Find and select related credential 2. Request approval in MyCGEd

Login with CAC or DoD ID number(

Select the “COOL” icon on the MyCG Ed home page

Complete outstanding eligibility requirements

Select "Create New Application"

Read and accept the agreement

Ensure profile information is correct

Enter ESO (Command Approver) information:

Enter Credential Information (PMP)

Self Evaluation and Policy Acknowledgement

Digitally Sign and submit application to ESO

Verify submission

ESO (command approver) is notified by email

ESO approves or rejects.

Once approved by ESO its forwarded to ETQC

Member is notified by email at each stage and status is tracked in MyCG Ed.

ETQC will authorize or deny the request. View/Print authorization 3. Pay for approved fees and request reimbursement

Use OF-1164 to request Reimbursement in MyCG Ed.

Submit the OF-1164 within 30 days or fee payment.

Upload signed OF-1164 and Receipt as one document in MyCG Ed or email 4. Get your credential

Coordinate with PM-ProLearn to attend the class you have paid for. 5. Report results

Submit a legible copy of your credential within30 calendar days of attainment. Upload Exam results and completed credential in MyCG Ed or emailed to ETQC.

ETQC will enter completed credential into Direct Access and the JST Timeline. 1. Request approval from ETQC at least 14 calendar days prior to and no more than 90 days prior to scheduling a credentialing exam(s) or incurring any fee(s) (i.e., including registering for, scheduling, or taking an exam). Payment of credentialing fees prior to authorization from ETQC is at the member’sexpense and will not be reimbursed. 2. Electronically endorse and submit Requestfor Miscellaneous Reimbursement (OF- 1164) with valid receipts to ETQC within 30 calendar days of exam/fee date. 3. Submit legible copy of official pass or fail exam results (as applicable), on official agency letterhead (if applicable), to ETQC within 90 calendar days of authorization ofCA. Failure to provide a copy of official exam results (if applicable) may result in recoupment of funds. 4. Submit a legiblecopy of credential(s) to ETQC within30 calendar days of credential attainment, for entry into Direct Access. Failure to provide a legible copy of credential(s) may result in recoupment of funds.

Credentialing Assistance Support. 1. ETQC Support. ETQC is available to assist members and ESOs with questions regarding MyCG Ed, processes, and procedures. ETQC authorizes CA requests and records completed credentials in Direct Access (DA) and the Joint Services Transcript (JST). 2. Inquiries. Inquiries should be sent to the primary customer service sharedmailbox at ETQC-SMB@CGCOOL.MIL. 3. Credentials not on CG COOL. If a credential is not listed on the CG COOL website, send request to CGCOOL@USCG.MIL and include certification name and credentialing agency's website. The request will be evaluated and reviewed by the Joint COOL consortium to determine if the credential meets the DOD eligibility requirements. 4. Changes and Cancellations of the CA request. NotifyETQC as soon as possiblewith any changes or cancellations.

References. 1. National DefenseAuthorization Act (NDAA) 2015, Section551. 2. Coast Guard VoluntaryCredentialing Program (VCP)Policy - COMDTINST1540.10 3. Policy Update - ALCOAST 011/22 4. Policy Update - ALCOAST 177/22

Websites and Contacts

CG COOL Website

Questions about approved credentials and agencies displayed on CG COOL website


Customer Service for ESOs and Members ETQC-SMB-CGCOOL@USCG.MIL 757-756-5300

ETQC Portal Site Home.aspx

ETQC Public Site UNITS/ETQC/Coast-Guard-Credentialing-Online-COOL/

MyCG Ed Portal

Approved Training Courses

Dept of Veteran’s Affairs -

Dept of Labor Site - WIOA-training-programs.aspx

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