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How to fund PMP using the GI BILL with PM-ProLearn

Updated: Aug 10

As of 2021 the GI BILL is authorized to pay for training relative to GI BILL Approved certifications like PMP.

PM-ProLearn is excited to announce that we are the first PMI-ATP and possibly the first PMP training company to be validated as a GI Bill approved Project Management Professional (PMP) training provider. We are excited to support our veteran’s and families’ efforts to earn their PMP certification.

To help our fellow veterans we have built this process guide as a tool.



If you have any specific questions, we can try to help but the VA owns the process and you will can reach out to the VA here:

Also email

PM-ProLearn Process:

1) Confirm GI BILL eligibility and apply for VA educational benefits here:

a. VA Decision may take up to 30 days.

b. See below on how to find PM-ProLearn and our PMP class in WEAMS.

Facility code: 46P00120

Address: 18 West Church St. 2nd Floor, Frederick MD, 21701

2) Find a PMP class you would like to take on our website:

a. Custom classes can be scheduled with groups of 8 or more.

3) Request a discount code though our website to drop the price to $2k to stay below the reimbursement threshold.

4) Sign up and pay for your PMP Class with your own credit card using the discount code provided.

5) Attend the course.

6) Fill out the VA Form 22-10272. You can email to get one if you cannot find it online.

a. If you are talking with a VA Counselor:

Facility code: 46P00120

Address: 18 West Church St. 2nd Floor, Frederick MD, 21701

7) Upload your completed Form, your receipt, and a copy of your completion certificate to

a. If you get any pushback from the VA please let us know. Some of the counselors don't realize that there is a different form, and process to approve certification prep courses.

8) Once approved by the VA, the VA will reimburse you for the cost of training.

a. VA estimates 15 days from submission to payment.

9) Share about your experiences on social media to let others know.

From the VA Website:

1) Scroll halfway down the page and click on the green button

2) Choose the benefit you are applying for

3) After you fill out the proper information you will click on the green “apply now” button

4) Follow the guidance from the VA to submit your claim

5) Wait for reimbursement

How to Find PM-ProLearn in WEAMS:

To find PM-ProLearn in Weams we are not listed as a school but rather found under the certification section here:

1) To find us or the course type Project Management Professional into the search bar under, choose "Both" under LAC category and then click on the state of MD in blue letters at the bottom of the page since that is where our company is registered. (Any Veteran nation wide can use the GI BILL to attend)

2) We are the only Project Management training company in MD there should only be one option.

3) If you click on this link it will take you to our prep course and if you click on the institution profile tab at the top it brings you to our company page.

While the VA is the owner of this program, not all approvers understand that there is a different process for certification prep funding, and examination funding. If you run into issues, please email us and we would be glad to jump on a conference call with you and the VA rep. You can email

Army CA, AF COOL, Unit funding, and Coast Guard Cool are additional funding resources we can help you with.

Request your invoice or a group class here:

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