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Proponent Supported Certifications?

Here is a crazy idea, what if all Army MOS proponents looked over the 1800+ certifications funded by Army Credential Assistance (ArmyCA), and picked a handful of industry recognized certs like PMP, Agile, Lean Six, Cyber etc, that they thought would make soldiers more effective in their MOS.

Once they pick out these certifications, they write them into the AR-600-3 or DA PAM 600-25 career roadmaps and encourage soldiers to pursue them as "Supported" certifications. Not SPONSORED!!! Sponsored means Proponent funded. Just support them.

Heck, maybe you even give extra promotion points for obtaining them.

Lastly, the Centers of Excellence (CoE’s) build relationships with training companies (not just colleges and universities) to offer after hours voluntary training opportunities to obtain these certifications during PME schools like ALC, SLC, MLC, CCC, WOBC, WOAC, ILE, CGSC, SGM-A.

There is no unit funding or proponent funding required. Army CA is the funding source. All we are doing is making soldiers aware of these opportunities while the Army gets a chance to have them use these certs.

What would the impact be if we started teaching Lean Six Sigma and Agile PM training at ALC,SLC, BOLC, WOBC.

Maybe we offer PMP at CCC, WOAC, ILE, SGM-A, GCSC, War College.

The impact could be catastrophic in a good way!!!!!!

1. Soldiers integrate industry best practices within their MOS as career development.

2. In Broadening assignments, certifications can be listed as requirements so we have a lower spin up time to get greater return on investment (ROI) from individuals.

3. As soldiers interact with civilians and contractors they have greater synergy in language and processes.

4. And Lastly, when soldiers leave the service they actually have something they can take with them that helps with job credibility and relatability as a professional.

Hint: Ranger tab doesn't lead to industry recognition.

Certifications are the badges and tabs that you get to keep wearing when you take off your military uniform.

Project Management enhances every leadership role in the Army and directly compliments Mission Command and MDO. read more here:

PM-ProLearn is working really hard to get our Project management training nested and integrated into every CoE. Politics and lack of creativity are creating a road block, but we are going to make it happen.

If you want to join this conversation and help is achieve this goal, please connect and pass along this idea to anyone you know.

Written by Josh Atkinson


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