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Unit / Federal funding for          PM  Training.

Every federal employee can use unit or organizational funds/training dollars to pay for civilian certifications that compliment their current job/MOS/AFSC.  There are no restrictions on rank, active duty status etc., as long as the leadership is willing to invest organizational funds.


Single purchase limit is $25k without a contract which would allow individuals or groups to attend our courses.


Folks can join classes already scheduled or we can schedule by request.

Please email with any questions. 


We only need 8+ students for live virtual and 12+ students for in person training where we send the training team to you.   

Learn more about the unit funding process here

Learn more about how to fill out the SF-182 here


Who: All federal employees


Lead time: 30-90 days for funding (may be faster)

Group training option: Yes with discounts

Once you find a class you can request an invoice here: Individual Invoice


Request group training here: Group training

-8 for live virtual

-12 for in person 

Volume discount over 10 students

View Scheduled Courses 

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