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Air Force COOL  Training Program.

As an authorized training partner with USCG COOL/CA we want to ensure all Coasites can take full advantage of this great program.  By understanding the nuances of funding and policy we work with students to educate and empower them so they can make informed decisions. 

Every active duty Guardsman is given $4500 every FY to pursue professional certifications.  This can be used to cover all of our courses.  This funding is in addition to $4500 for College. 

All courses come with training, materials, one year access, unlimited re-attendance, exam and failure retest. Guardsman can pursue any two of our certifications per FY. 

Folks can join classes already scheduled here or we can build by request. 

We only need 8+ students for live virtual or 12+ students for in person training where we fly the instructor to you. To request group training fill out a request here

If you have any questions please email

Note: USCG COOL is for voluntary education only and not unit directed training. To learn how to use unit funds please go here.

Learn more about USCG CA here

Who: All active duty USCG 


Lead time: 30-60 days for funding

Group training option: Yes

Once you find a class you can request an invoice here: Individual Invoice


Request group training here: Group training

-8 for live virtual

-12 for in person

View Scheduled Courses 

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