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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept the GI Bill?
    YES! PM-ProLearn PMP training is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs for reimbursement. Students pay us up front, and then submit their completion certificate and receipt to the VA who reimburses them. At this time, only our PMP training is eligible for reimbursement.
  • How can I get a customized class for my organization?
    Simply contact us for a customized group quote and we'll respond within one business day! Request Group Quote
  • How does Army IgnitED & AF COOL Funding work?
    PM-ProLearn is approved to provide training for PMP, PMI-ACP, and LSSGB certifications paid for by funding from Army IgnitED and AF COOL. You can request a funding invoice from us to start your funding process here: Request Funding Invoice | PM-ProLearn
  • Do you teach overseas?
    Yes! We can teach in any clime or place on the planet. Our instructors are world-wide deployable to your location or we can also teach your team virtually on your Time Zone. Our travel ability is only constrained by host country rules, and U.S. State Department policy & warnings for US Citizens traveling abroad. We generally need at least 10 students to make an overseas onsite course viable.
  • Do you teach on Military Bases?
    Yes. Most of our instructors are retired Military with base access priviliges. We are only constrained by Service Branch policy or local Base Commander rules.
  • How do I know if the exam payment is included with my training?
    Most PM-ProLearn course payments include your certification exam fee. On occasion, there are situations where we exclude the exam fee at the request of a funding organization. If you don't know if your funding organization included the exam fee in your course payment, please contact Lauren at and she can look up that information for you.
  • Why am I required to pass Practice Test #1 before my exam fee will be paid?
    PM-ProLearn’s policy of requiring our students to pass our practice test with 75% or better before we pay for their exam fee is to ensure that students are ready for the exam.
  • How do I get my exam paid?
    Click on the tile within our learning system titled, ‘Applications | Exam Fees |Post Exam Feedback’, once that tile opens, click on the module ‘Request Your PMI Exam Fee Payment’.
  • How long will it take for you to pay my exam fee?
    Exam fee payments will be completed within 5 business days.
  • Is PMI membership included in my course fee?
    PMI membership is NOT an included benefit in our training courses. Please see a list of our benefits for all training here.
  • Where can I find a testing location for PMI certification exams?
  • Why do you ask for a non-military email for my student account?
    We ask students to provide us with a non-military email address to create the student account because .mil addresses often block important messages we send students from our Learning Management System (LMS). We send messages about class location, Zoom link info, and any updates via message from our LMS and we want all students to receive them.
  • What do I need to give you to receive a Military/Veteran discount?
    Just complete the form here: Mil/Vet Discount | PM-ProLearn and be sure to include a .mil email address that we can verify your current Military service with. Or, if you are a Veteran, please upload a copy of a redacted copy of any document that allows us to verify your Veteran status. Examples of acceptable documentation: DD-214 (SSN & other PII redacted) Front of Military Common Access Card Front of Retiree/Dependent ID Card Front of Veteran ID Card
  • How long does it take to earn my PMP certification?
    Well, that depends...on YOU. Our training course is 35 hours. However, rarely is a student ready to sit for the PMP Exam without several weeks of study. We generally recommend that you take your exam within 2-8 weeks of completing our course so that you have spent sufficient time studying and taking practice tests but not too long that your memory starts fading. We know that life sometimes gets in the way of your best laid plans, so we do provide a full year of access to our online learning system, to reattend the course for free, and to schedule 1 on 1 coaching time with our instructors. We don't want you to use that whole year, but it's there if you need it. You will know you are ready for the real PMP Exam when you can pass our Practice Test with 75%-80%.
  • I'm requesting permission to take the exam on your website and it's not working. What should I do?
    This typically means that you have confused PM-ProLearn with the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI gives you permission to sit for the PMI exam, so if you are experiencing this problem, please contact PMI customer service at (610) 915-2273 or try the chat function on the bottom of PMI's website. If that doesn't help, you can contact us via our chat function on this website or call us at 301-494-3888.
  • I'm requesting AF COOL funding and the prices don't match between AFVEC and the PM-ProLearn Invoice. What shoyld I do?
    The prices don't match because we have added credit card processing fees to your invoice. AF COOL expects this and has agreed to pay them on your behalf. You need to manually enter in the new price on the next page to include the CC fees. You can alter the price to match the quote. If you need help, please choose the chat function here on our website or call us at 301-494-3888.
  • I'm interested in a course. What do I do next?
    If you find a course you want to attend, simply enroll online. If you are using a third-party funding source, please fill out our Funding Invoice Request here: Request Funding Invoice | PM-ProLearn and request an invoice for that specific course. Course codes begin with C, V, or W. If you have additional questions or would like to talk to someone, please email and include your location and a good call back number so we can have someone reach out to you. You can also call us at 301-494-3888.
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