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Group Training Request.

Let us help you design a training solution for your team anywhere in the world without disrupting ongoing operations and work. 


Multiple funding options available. See funding options here

We need 8+ for live virtual and 12+ students for in person (we cover travel)

We give a 15% discount for groups of 11 or more when unit or organizationally funded. Not everyone needs to attend together to get a discount.  

We can also provide vouchers, bespoke pricing and customized training options to meet your needs

Please provide the following information to assist us in understanding your needs

  1. Desired course type

  2. Number of expected students

  3. Desired training dates

  4. Training location or time zone

  5. Any other details we should know

Submit your request for group training here and we'll be in touch within one business day. you can also email with any questions. 

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Group Training Request

Thanks for submitting!
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