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PM-ProLearn has partnered with the Association of the United States Army to provide educational opportunities with an exclusive benefit for members. 


All self-paying AUSA members receive 30% off our training to prepare you to earn your certification in: 

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) 

  • Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) 

  • Lean Six Sigma – a stand-alone methodology focused on improving quality and efficiency 

 (Corporation discounts start at 15%, based on volume.) 

The programs include: 

  • Year-long all-inclusive materials and training 

  • Senior instructors (veterans) who speak military and industry 

  • Application assistance and translation 

  • Unlimited re-attendance for 1 year 

  • Exam and failure retest  

  • Help desk with instructors to provide one-on-one coaching and answer questions

Additional Considerations: 

  • Multiple funding options available. Learn more here:  

  • Flexible group scheduling worldwide with groups of 8+ where you pick time zone and format (daytime, afternoon, evenings)  

  • For groups of 12 or more we can send an instructor to you at no added cost. 

    Email with questions or fill out your information below.  

Thanks for signing up. We will be in touch shortly.

For further information about our training, group scheduling or funding , please email   

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