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AF COOL will pay for PMP for all Enlisted

Updated: May 31

PM-ProLearn has created a process and policy to allow Airmen of all ranks to be able to pursue PMP via a CAPM (Certified Associates in Project Management) Career pathway.

This sounds odd, and it is until you know the reasoning behind the policy.

The past few years many enlisted leaders have tried to pursue PMP only to never take the test because "I didn't meet the experience requirement" or "I couldn't get my application approved."

As a result AF COOL modified their policies so that 1) Everyone must have an approved application before they will pay for training. This sounds logical but creates a catch 22. PMI will not approve an application until you take training, but AF COOL won't pay for training until you have an approved application. This leads us to 2) Everyone starts with CAPM because its a guaranteed approved application.

Now, this is actually a benefit for everyone because it forces us to improve our policies and find ways to give better access for airmen and protect them at the same time.

Hence our AF COOLER program.

How it works:

1) Everyone submits for CAPM training to attend our 35 hour PMP/CAPM prep course.

2) Everyone submits for the CAPM exam.

3) After taking our course, submit your application to PMI (we will review and support).

4) Once PMI approves your application and you pass our PMP Practice exam (75% or higher), we will purchase the PMP test instead. If you want to stay with the CAPM, we have a custom study plan for that as well.

No need to modify anything in AFVEC.

No out of pocket expenses for those who are below E-7 either.

Oh and we have a pay back guarantee that if you pass our course and our practice exam and you fail the PMP exam, we will pay for one re-test. If you are still unsuccessful the second time within your year of access to our program, we will refund AF COOL.

There is no better program out there.

Want a custom class scheduled at your installation or on your time zone, Talk with the Top3 or 5/6 and see who is interested. If you find at least 6-8 others, we can custom build it for you.

Group training: 8 for live virtual, 12 for in person.

Individual Request:

Group Request:

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