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Huge Cuts Planned for Army CA in FY25

Updated: Apr 1

Current decisions by army leadership plan to cut Army Credential Assistance benefits by 75% in FY 25.  This is a massive loss and change.

What is the proposed change:

·        Lower the benefits from $4k every year with no cap to $1k per year/per cert with a $4k career  Cap.    

·        Only allow soldiers to pursue certifications that align with their MOS

What this means for soldiers:

·        Can only take one course / one exam per year up to $1000. 

·        Limited to Proponent listed Certifications.

·        Likely cannot get training and an exam covered by CA funding.

What you should do now:

1.      Sign up for two of PMP, PMI-ACP(Agile) ,Lean Six Sigma and/or CCMP NOW!! by requesting an invoice here

2.      Pick two certs now to get 12 months of access with exams and failure retest included.

3.      Possibly plan to do PMP and Lean Six this year and plan to use GI BILL to cover your PMI-ACP course in 2025. (PM-ProLearn is the only GI BILL approved test prep for Agile)

Transitioning soon: Certified professionals make 20-40% more than non-certified.

Still have 3+ years left? Earn the certifications now, use them while in uniform, and be set up for success in the future. Why try to upgrade your resume when you should be focused on networking and transition.  

Don’t have CA? GI Bill pays for PMP too. 

Biggest take away: DON’T WAIT!!!!!  

Email with any questions.


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