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How to earn PMP, PMI-ACP, & LSSGB in 1 yr, recertify, and get 30 promotion points, with Army CA

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

So many soldiers want to learn how to maximize their CA funding. This article will walk through one way to do just that. If you are looking into project management, and have been in uniform for at least 4+ years as an officer and 6+ years enlisted, then keep reading. Notice it's not just for senior retirees. PM Certs enhance military planning NOW!!! If you are wondering why read this article on why vets make great PMs here.

Understandably this concept works best towards the end of the FY, but the sequence of the certs is still a great model. Also, this concept assumes that you will have time on both sides on an FY to use $6k total of CA funds.

Ok, so you are interested in earning your PMP, PMI-ACP, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?

You can earn your PMP®, PMI-ACP, and Lean Six Sigma in one calendar year, all exams included, and recertify both your PMP and ACP at the same time with no out of pocket costs and still have $2k left in FY24 for other certs or college.

Starting out its important to discuss what Army Credential Assistance (ArmyCA) funding is. In 2020 the Army realized that education was not just for college anymore and started allowing soldiers to use their same $4k annual fiscal year benefit to fund professional certifications and exams like PMP®, PMI-ACP (agile), and Lean Six Sigma.

This is a HUGE benefit. Even better, in 2021 the DoD and then the Army removed the additional service obligation (ADSO) for all officers.

Ok, so how can a soldier get three certs in one calendar year.

The trick lies, in the PM-ProLearn all-inclusive one-year user license model.

Once a soldier (or any student for that matter) is funded to attend any of our courses they have one calendar year from the date of funding to attend and re-attend as many times as possible. The training program also comes with application assistance, the exam, and a failure-retest included. (hint: Without this comprehensive coverage this concept doesn’t work)

Ok so here is how do to this.

Step 1: Soldier goes to and requests an invoice for PMP and PMI-ACP with a start date before the end of Sept.

Step 2: Soldier submits a funding request into for both PMP and PMI-ACP before the end of July for that particular fiscal year.

Step 3: Soldier finds a PMP class on our calendar and attends. After the class he/she studies and takes the exam (passing of course) that we pay for.

Step 4: Soldier next finds a PMI-ACP class on our calendar and attends. Just like the PMP the soldier then studies for, takes and passes the PMI-ACP exam. Now though, the 21 hours in class along with hours studying count for at least 25 PMP PDUs.

Step 5: Sometime after 1 October of the next FY, a Soldier goes to and requests an invoice for Lean Six Sigma green belt and subsequently submits a funding request.

Step 6: Soldier attends a Lean Six Sigma green belt course and tests out on the last day of class. Thus, earning an additional 35 PMP PDUs completing the 60 required, and all 30 PMI-ACP PDUs.

Step 7: Soldier submits Army CA funding request for PMP and PMI-ACP certification renewal.

Step 8: Soldier submits all three certifications into their promotion package to earn an additional 30 points (10 per certification).

Following this path, soldiers can earn all 3 industry leading certifications, have all training and exams funded, and recertify all certs, while still having an additional $2k left over in Fy24.

Send us a note and we would be glad to discuss.

Want to help other soldiers too? Maybe have us custom schedule a class the week, format, and location of your choosing, keep reading on.

What we would love to do is to intentionally schedule courses on the week and format of your choosing. This is all based on known or potential demand. (8 for virtual, and 12 for in person).

Still interested, follow the steps below first, then go back to the top.

Step 1: Talk with your fellow soldiers and see who would want to do this with you.

Step 2: Talk with the S-3 to find out what weeks would have the smallest impact on operations and training (hint Nov and Dec are full of holidays that we can train around).

Step 3: Fill out a group training request on our website here: This lets us start building a class to meet your demand, timeline, and format requirements (anywhere in the WORLD!!!)

Once the class is built, then your unit can all follow what is already listed above.

There is absolutely NO risk with our training. Because we include the exam and failure retest within our training costs, soldiers have no obligation to test and if they fail the test, we cover a second attempt. IF a soldier takes the initial class and learns a TON but decides they don’t want to certify they don’t have to.

If they do earn these certs, they can add 30 points to their promotion package and might even be able to get an ASI or two.

Want to learn more, send me a note on linkedin or email You can also just go to our website and start a chat.

We built our entire company and process with the military student in mind. Please share this information.

What if every NCO, and CGO had these skills 3-5 or even 10 years before transition. How much more effective would they be a mission planning and execution. How much more credible would their resume be with years of post-certification performance.

-Josh Atkinson is a USMC Loggie who got certified in Lean Six and PMP while serving and went on to be a successful Construction PM, Consultant, and entrepreneur.

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