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How to use Federal/Military Unit Funding to pay for certification training

Many folks don't know that federal funding and military unit funding can be used to pay for civilian training like certifications in project management. This is a tremendous resource that is often overlooked. Commands can send individuals or get group classes scheduled through PM-ProLearn.

We can walk you through the process or read below.

For this funding to be used it must comply with 3 requirements:

1) The training must compliment your job

2) The training must be regularly scheduled and open to the public

3) The total purchase must remain below $25k without a contract.

Everything in Project management is a compliment to military planning and leadership.

PMP, PMI-ACP (Agile), and Lean six sigma training is supported by:

DoDDir 5010.42,

Program management improvement and accountability act (PMIAA),

OMB Circular 11 section 270.


MDO/Mission Command


1. Talk with your command about their willingness to pay for the training. Project management has direct application to military leadership, military planning, and mission execution and will benefit all active duty personnel in Every MOS!!!

a. If your desire is to establish a course for a group (8 min), determine who is interested and talk to the command about total budget; Government Purchase limit is $25k without a contract.

2. Select the course that best suits your needs from our course catalog and complete the SF 182 (Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training Form). Note: You may also have to complete an open purchase request form.

a. If the training is to be provided to a group of 8 or more, coordinate a date that works best with us and a delivery model (virtual, in person, evenings) and then we can post the class on our website. Also let us know how many are going to be funded so we can send a quote.

This then allows the SF-182 to get submitted. Note: It may be necessary to complete an SF 182 for each student or you may be able to submit 1 and put “see roster” in the personal information blocks.

3. Request that your approving official sign the SF-182. Once signed, provide it to supply dept or the appropriate GPC holder and request they pay for the training or work with the comptroller to put in a funding request through Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).

a. Route the SF-182 for signature and once signed have the GPC holder call to pay. You might need to get a one time GPC limit increase for payment. Payment can be made prior to deliver for education/training.

If you have any questions about unit funding, AF COOL, ARMY CA, GI BILL or corporate discounts please email or fill out an information request here

It’s an honor to serve you!!!!

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Sep 21, 2022

One of the most intensive certifications available is the PMP® (Project Management Professional) certification. The PMP® demonstrates advanced knowledge of and experience with Project Management concepts. When it comes to finding internet resources and practice exams, it is also one of the most difficult and obscure certifications. As a result of several emails asking for this information, and quite a bit of research, here are the best places to find information on the PMP cert.

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