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How to use the SF-182 for PM Certification Training

The form SF-182 is an authorization form for federal agencies and DoD units to authorize the purchase of civilian training. This can be for professional certifications like PMP, Agile or Lean, or for other classes as well.

This form is an internal use form only, unless you are paying with WAWF.

If you would like a copy or have questions about using this form or are interested is using unit funding to attend a PMP, Agile or Lean Six Sigma class, please email We would be glad to help you.

To use the SF-182, the training must comply with 4 things:

1) Regularly scheduled

2) Open to the public

3) Aligned with specific MOS or Job Skills

4) Not currently taught by the military

How to use the form to pay for PM-ProLearn Group or individual Training:

1) Talk with the command and confirm a total budget ($25k max without a contract)

2) Find a class here or Coordinate a date so we can get it posted on our website.

3) Fill out the SF-182 following the below instructions

Section A: Trainee Information

1. For Applicant’s name put Unit POC information and “See Roster”

2. Through 6. N/A

7. Unit Address

8. Office Phone

9. POC Email address

10. POC Position

11. N/A

12-17: GS/Federal positions only

Section B:

1. b. Location of class. If virtual put Virtual

2. b. use course number from our website

3. List course start date

4. List course end date

16. N/A

19. N/A

Section C: Costs and Billing Information

1. a. Total cost sent by our quote for the group

1. b. None

1. c. Total cost sent by our quote for the group

2. a.-c. N/A

3. N/A

For WAWF or ACH payment through SAM fill in section 4-6

4. N/A

5. N/A

6. If using WAWF please include:


Service Acceptor DoDAAC:

Account Install # (AAI):


Section D: Approvals

This section can be signed by the same person. Its validating from your immediate supervisor to the training officer that this training is in line with your MOS/AFSC and you can take time off to attend.

Section E: Approvals/Concurrence

1. This is where the Authorizing Official (AO) or Account holder agrees to spend the funds.

Additional Considerations for the GPC:

  1. Check that single purchase limit can cover the total costs. If not, request a one time purchase increase.

  2. Training counts as education and not services, and can be purchased prior to the course.

  3. While $25k is the limit per card, multiple units can use their own cards up to $25k per purchase.

If you have any questions o want to get a class going at your location please send us a note at

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